June 26, 2022
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Motherboards Reviews

NZXT N5 Z690 Motherboard Review – Aesthetic & Features Rundown

The Intel 12th generation line-up of CPUs offers a massive range of entirely new features for consumers to sink their.

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Cases Reviews

NZXT H7 Elite Review – Features, Connectivity & Airflow

One of the philosophies that we love at GeekaWhat is manufacturers and brands being 'pro-consumer' by providing a multitude of.

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Cases Reviews

NZXT H7 Flow Review – The Best High Airflow Case Yet?!

NZXT has been one of the most popular PC case manufacturers for some time, and over the last few years.

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Cases Reviews

NZXT’s Newest H7 Review – Features, Connectivity & Aesthetics

Its an exciting day in the GeekaWhat office as we've got a hold of NZXT's newest case line-up - the.

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Graphics Cards Reviews

AMD RX 6650 XT Review & Benchmarks – MSI Gaming X

With the launch of the RX 6650 XT now upon us, AMD has a new challenger to rival NVIDIA's RTX.

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Monitors Reviews

Alienware AW3423DW Gaming Monitor Review – The Best Gaming Monitor Ever.

When it comes to building the Ultimate Gaming Setup, we have some experience putting together pricey configs that provide the.

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