June 26, 2022
United Kingdom
Graphics Cards SSDs What is?

PCI-E 3.0 vs PCI-E 4.0 vs PCI-E 5.0 – What are the key differences?

With the rising tide of new components becoming more and more powerful, the main connection standard in a Gaming PC, PCI-E, is constantly.

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CPUs What is?

What is a CPU & Why is it Important for Gaming?

With the number of people building a Gaming PC skyrocketing, the burning question for many first-time builders is, 'what do all of the.

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Motherboards What is?

What is a Motherboard & What Are They For?

The biggest question you might be asking yourself is - 'what does a motherboard do, and why is it important to choose the.

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SSDs What is?

What is an SSD & Do You Need One For Gaming?

Putting together your first PC build can be mired in complications. One of the first things you will do is put together a.

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