Lenovo G32QC-10 31.5″ Curved 1440p Gaming Monitor At Incredibly Competitive Price

Lenovo G32QC-10 Feature Image

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Lenovo are not the most notable brand in the gaming monitor space, due to other manufacturers often coming out on top with stronger and more capable designs. However, Lenovo have been making waves recently with many of their 1080p and 1440p options. These newer monitors sit at an incredibly competitive price point, making them a worthwhile consideration for those looking to play get into PC gaming, but without spending a fortune.

The monitor that we’re taking a brief look at in today’s daily deal is the G32QC-10. Although this display doesn’t have a particularly catchy name, it has definitely caught our eye when it comes to pricing and features. At the time of writing, this monitor sits at a price point of $219.99, which is incredibly affordable considering the panel is rated for 1440p (or 2K). This means you’re receiving a huge bump in visual fidelity due to the increased resolution, but at a price that won’t break the bank. 1440p monitors are often quite expensive, so its nice to see one on the market that isn’t an absolute fortune.

Looking at the features of the G32QC, the panel is 1440p with a 1500R curvature, which should make prolonged sessions of gaming or working much easier on the eyes. You’ve got nearly 32 inches of screen to work with as well, with a near bezel-less design, so there’s no pieces of the screen that are going to be taken up by ugly black bars. I’m personally a big fan of the bezel-less design on this display, it keeps in line with a minimalist aesthetic, but its just nice to see a monitor that doesn’t take away from the actual quality of the screen with plastic or metal that looks out of place.

In terms of performance, this VA panel offers a 144Hz refresh rate, providing buttery smooth visual quality with minimal tearing or stuttering. If you’ve got a particularly strong graphics card, you’ll reap the benefits of a solid refresh rate. This is further improved by the AdaptiveSync VRR technology and 1ms response time. Consumers can enjoy super smooth gameplay with no artifacts or stutters, even during moments of intensity. Which makes this display perfect for those that play fast-paced titles or FPS games.

Overall, the Lenovo G32QC looks like a compelling option for those looking to play their favourite titles at 1440p with minimal hindrances. Whilst I do think the VA panel will reduce quality to a degree, I’d argue that the price of this display will be the big decider for the majority of consumers. Its difficult to argue with the price, as the majority of 1440p panels will be $300 as standard, with some reaching far beyond this price point.

At $219.99 at the time of writing, this 1440p monitor is an awesome option:

Lenovo G32QC Specs

SpecificationLenovo G32QC
Panel TypeVA
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time1ms
VRR TechnologyAdaptiveSync
Colour Gamut72% sRGB

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