June 2, 2023
United Kingdom
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XPG Unveils New Line of Gaming Peripherals


XPG, a fast-growing provider of systems, components, and peripherals for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, today is responding to the needs of toughening market conditions by launching a slew of entry-level peripherals products: XPG PRECOG S GAMING HEADSET, XPG SLINGSHOT GAMING MOUSE, and XPG BATTLEGROUND L GAMING MOUSE PAD.

With these new products, XPG is making the “Gamer’s Tax” a thing of the past, targeting first-time users, internet cafés, and users in need of all-around peripherals with clean and trendy designs, offering solid performance at a more accessible price point.

XPG Precog S Gaming Headset

XPG is expanding its PRECOG family of high-quality, immersive audio headsets with the XPG PRECOG S. Positioned as an entry-level offering, this gaming headset delivers clean and crisp audio with its 50mm superb quality sound drivers to deliver a gaming experience that rivals higher tier devices. It has a very sturdy and lightweight design construction with an auto-adjusting headband and large, rotatable earcups, offering long-term gaming sessions without distractions or discomfort. XPG PRECOG S comes with a standard combo audio jack and a splitter cable in box to provide the largest range of compatibility from consoles and portable gaming devices to any Gaming PC. It’s available in Black at launch with Pink and White options coming at a later date.

XPG Precog S Side Angle
The PRECOG S is latest member of the PRECOG family that offers high-quality at a low price.
XPG Precog S Front
As an entry level product this headset8217s audio is clean and crisp thanks to the 50mm sound drivers
XPG Precog S Headset with Box
Currently, the PRECOG S is available in Black, with white and pink options coming soon.

XPG Slingshot Gaming Mouse

To complete XPG Gaming Mice offerings, XPG created a product that checks all the boxes, delivering a combination of the best price, trendy design, great performance, and gamer-tailored customization options via XPG PRIME software. Similar to higher-tier mice, it’s a gaming mouse that doesn’t ask you to compromise. At first glance, the very noticeable XPG: Exoskeleton design language blends performance with aesthetic value for gaming-centered quality of life features. The XPG SLINGSHOT is comfortable, trendy looking, and lightweight without sacrificing quality. It also offers a better sensor than the competition at its price point, making it a great choice to start your rise to glory in Esports, or just fragging your older brother. Multiple colour options will also be available at a later date.

XPG Slingshot Top
The Slingshot8217s exoskeleton design makes it look great whilst improving performance
XPG Slingshot Side
Compared to the competitors, the XPG Slingshot is unmatched in quality at its low price point.
XPG Slingshot with Box
This sleek black option is available at launch, with more colours on the way.

XPG Battleground L Gaming Mouse Pad

The latest addition to the BATTLEGROUND family of mouse pads comes in a large enough size to support all types of games, including those that require fast movements in low DPI settings, like FPS games.With an all-natural anti-slip rubber base, smooth microfiber material, and stitched binding on the outside, BATTLEGROUND L is an ideal mouse pad that will not fray or bubble with prolonged use. When coupled with products like the XPG SLINGSHOT, the XPG BATTLEGROUND L makes for a perfect PC gaming experience. What’s more, fans of the XPG XTREME SAGA story will also enjoy a limited MERA EDITION version that will be available alongside the standard black version.

XPG Battleground Mousepad Front
This mouse pad has a large, smooth surface suitable for all types of games.
XPG Battleground Mousepad Side
The stitched binding on the outside ensures that the Battleground L is built to last.
XPG Battleground Mousepad
Alongside the standard black version, a limited MERA Edition is available.


Whether you’re a long-time gamer or just looking to start for the first time, with so many new entry-level product offerings, there’s never been a better time to take up PC gaming with XPG.

For more information, please visit the official product pages:

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