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DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360

DeepCool is well-known for providing premium air and liquid cooling solutions at a very reasonable price point, allowing PC builders to cut costs without sacrificing quality. However, DeepCool has decided to take on the best liquid CPU coolers on the market by introducing their MYSTIQUE series of All-in-One (AIO) coolers. To see how this cooler performs compared to market alternatives, we’ve tested the MYSTIQUE 360 rigorously in a series of intense benchmarks.

Combining the best elements of their air coolers and liquid coolers, the MYSTIQUE 360 aims to provide high-quality thermal regulation and plenty of customisation to enhance the user experience. To see how the MYSTIQUE 360 holds out versus other AIOs, we’ll analyse the specs, design, thermal performance, and features in this review.


In terms of specs, the DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 comprises multiple high-quality parts, putting this cooler in a great position to withstand the demands of an Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen 9 CPU. The MYSTIQUE 360 uses a 27mm thick radiator with three 120mm F12 SE fans that feature fluid dynamic bearings to ensure smooth and near-silent operation. These PWM (pulse-width modulation) fans offer a maximum speed of 2150RPM (rotations per minute), ensuring air can flow quickly through the radiator.

This cooler also uses a 5th-generation DeepCool pump that can rotate up to 3400RPM at the maximum. The fan and pump design regulate noise levels while providing efficient heat dissipation to ensure thermals are controlled even while speeds are being throttled.

Key SpecsDeepCool MYSTIQUE 360
Radiator Size360mm
Radiator Dimensions (L x W x H)400mm x 120mm x 27mm
Number of Fans3
Max Fan Speed2150RPM
Bearing TypeFluid Dynamic Bearing
Max Pump Speed3400RPM
Pump Connector3-pin
Socket CompatibilityIntel – LGA 1700,1200,1151,1150,1155

The MYSTIQUE 360 is pretty versatile in terms of socket compatibility, supporting Intel LGA 1700 all the way back to older 115X-based sockets, along with AMD AM5 and AM4.

Compared to other CPU liquid coolers on the market, the MYSTIQUE 360 is quite fast in terms of pump capability. 2400-2800RPM seems to be a somewhat universal standard for pump speeds, but the MYSTIQUE 360 beats this out with a max speed of 3400RPM, which is quite impressive. Otherwise, there’s nothing particularly standout in terms of the specs here that would suggest insane performance, but we’ll see how this AIO holds up when we look at thermals later on.

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DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 Design

With the MYSTIQUE 360 targeted as a premium 360mm AIO cooler, it’s no surprise that DeepCool has heavily emphasised creating a sophisticated and luxurious design for this cooler. Boasting a predominantly matte black design, this cooler will slot into various PC builds without issues.

DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 on box

The water pump is undoubtedly the standout design feature of the MYSTIQUE 360, with the integrated 2.8″ LCD acting as this liquid cooler’s most significant selling point. There are several existing CPU coolers that include an integrated display, allowing gamers to see critical information for their system or customise their build with an image or animation. However, DeepCool’s MYSTIQUE 360 hones in on the informational aspect of these displays, making it easier to monitor system information such as CPU temperatures, clock speeds, and even power consumption.

DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 display in build

Using the DeepCool DeepCreative software, it’s easy to choose from various advanced configurations that simultaneously monitor one or more pieces of crucial information. For example, one setting will simultaneously show the real-time pump speed, fan speed, CPU temperature, and CPU clock speed.

DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 top rad

But that’s not all the LCD can be used for, as the MYSTIQUE 360 can also be used to show a custom image or gif animation. Whilst it might not fit with the smart appearance of the rest of this design, the metallic grey casing surrounding the top of the water pump makes an ideal frame for any custom media.

The most significant exclusion from the MYSTIQUE 360’s design is RGB lighting. Whilst some will like the stealthier look provided by the absence of RGB lighting, we would expect the option for RGB lighting, especially on more expensive components.

Installation Process

Getting the MYSTIQUE 360 installed was a relatively straightforward process. Intel LGA 1700 systems use a backplate with either female or male threads, but DeepCool predominantly sticks to a male-threaded design. This means you can install the backplate onto your motherboard and thread four plastic spacers on top, holding the backplate in place. It’s worth noting that for LGA1700 sockets, all of the threads will need to be on the furthest corner settings.

DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 install on mobo

Then, it’s a case of mounting the fans to the radiator, followed by the radiator to the case. We used a be quiet! Dark Base 701, which has a removable top panel, making installing the radiator much easier. However, I imagine those using a case without a removable top panel may face a little more hassle when getting the radiator secured in place.

 DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 socket

After mounting the radiator, attach the CPU blockhead using the four thumb nuts. The MYSTIQUE 360 comes with pre-applied thermal paste on the copper cold plate, so there’s no need to apply your own. Torque down the thumb nuts using your fingers and thumbs initially, and then use a screwdriver to make all of the nuts nice and tight. Then, all cables can be wired up to provide power and data.

Overall, the installation process was pretty seamless. DeepCool has made most of their modern coolers pretty easy to install, so first-time builders shouldn’t have much of a problem. The only qualm I had with the process was that the little plastic spacers didn’t quite steady the backplate. This meant I had to hold the backplate while screwing down the thumb nuts, which wasn’t ideal.

James gives his full thoughts on the DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 installation process in this $2500 PC build video on our YouTube channel.

DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 Performance

We ran several stress tests on this CPU cooler to assess the performance and thermal regulation of the MYSTIQUE 360. As part of our testing procedures for CPU Coolers, we utilise a standardised PC build for all tests conducted, allowing for a fair and controlled evaluation of each product. The PC build sits in a be quiet! Dark Base 701 case, and utilises a Core i7-14700K with four 140mm PWM fans to help with airflow. We tested the MYSTIQUE 360 in CPU-Z and Cinebench, all of which provide a detailed analysis of CPU temperatures under various workloads.


In Cinebench, we ran two benchmarks; one used four threads, and the other used eight. These benchmarks run for 10 minutes each to test throttling under a sustained workload. This means that the Core i7-14700K will run all available threads at the highest possible speed, which shows how the MYSTIQUE 360 will perform when it’s really being pushed.

In the four-thread benchmark, the MYSTIQUE 360 offered an average temperature of 59°C, with the maximum temperature topping out around 84°C. Considering how hot the Core i7-14700K runs in sustained workloads, we were very impressed with the results.

Cinebench R23 4 Threads CPU Cooler Temps - Core i7-14700K First Set

The solid performance followed through when we ran an eight-thread test as well. The Core i7-14700K sat around 73°C, with the max hovering around 84°C. The eight-thread benchmark can be quite intensive and gives us an idea of how the MYSTIQUE 360 will hold out in workstation-style applications.

When looking at other CPU air and liquid coolers we’ve tested, the MYSTIQUE 360 stands out as one of the best options. The temperature we saw from the Core i7-14700K is the strongest out of any AIOs we’ve tested.

Cinebench R23 8 Threads CPU Cooler Temps - Core i7-14700K First Set


In CPU-Z, we ran an eight-thread test that performed similarly to the Cinebench eight-thread benchmark. This provides consistent results across higher thread counts, so we can see if there’s any deviation when the Core i7-14700K is undergoing different computational tasks.

In this benchmarking run, the resulting data was similar to temperatures during our Cinebench test. On average, the Core i7-14700K with the MYSTIQUE 360 sat at 72°C, with max temperatures hovering around 79°C. Overall, performance was solid here, and it’s clear that the MYSTIQUE 360 is a strong choice for a hefty CPU like the Core i7-14700K.

Compared to other coolers we’ve tested, the MYSTIQUE 360 is one of the most robust coolers, with only the LS520 and ROG STRIX LC III 360 beating out this AIO.

CPU-Z 8 Threads CPU Cooler Temps - Core i7-14700K First Set

Features We Like

2.8″ LCD Display

The biggest selling point of the MYSTIQUE series of coolers is undoubtedly the integrated LCD, simply due to the sheer amount of customisation and personalisation it brings to the design. With an extensive list of real-time data to choose from, this display makes it very easy to monitor the performance of a PC build in real time. On top of this, the custom images and animations help provide some additional flair.

FT12 SE Fans

DeepCool’s MYSTIQUE CPU coolers are all accompanied by a set of reinvigorated high-performance fans. The MYSTIQUE 360 takes advantage of three FT12 SE PWM fans, which means this cooler has no issues pushing air around a system, providing top-tier airflow to any PC build. Additionally, these fans utilise fluid dynamic bearings, resulting in an extended lifespan and a quieter noise level while in operation.

DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 fans

Anti-Leak Technology

To remain durable and prevent any long-term damage to the cooler or any other PC components, the MYSTIQUE 360 is equipped with anti-leak technology. Thanks to an internal valve that regulates pressure and stops the pressure from exceeding a specific limit.

Deepcool Mystique 360 radiator

Features We Don’t Like

DeepCreative Software

The supporting software for DeepCool’s MYSTIQUE CPU coolers, DeepCreative, makes the most of the integrated LCD. The software has many settings to adjust, and the simplistic yet modern user interface is easy to navigate. DeepCreative will also provide system monitoring, making tracking the system’s performance from the PC and the cooler’s LCD display easy.

However, it is worth noting that the software took a very long time to download, no matter what system we built with the MYSTIQUE 360. Because of this, it could be worth downloading the software in advance if possible. Furthermore, the software provides no performance configuration whatsoever. This means you’re limited to the BIOS fan curve settings, which might not be particularly optimised if this is your first build, resulting in weaker thermals.

Lack of RGB Lighting

The biggest weakness of this design is the lack of RGB lighting, making the MYSTIQUE 360 less appealing to gamers. Even though the predominantly black design is suitable for those building a stealthier-looking gaming PC or workstation, we’d expect a premium AIO cooler to at least provide the choice of RGB lighting. An RGB variant of this cooler would help the MYSTIQUE series appeal to a larger audience of PC builders, as many CPU coolers at this price point include RGB lighting with an integrated display.


DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360

Product Name: DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360

Brand: DeepCool


  • Features
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Value for Money


Overall, the DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 is an excellent liquid CPU cooler that can easily keep high-end CPUs under control. With three high-speed fans and a powerful water pump, this 360mm AIO provides maximum airflow and maintains low temperatures in gaming and productivity scenarios. This high-end performance is matched by a premium design, with the LCD providing plenty of great customisation options.  

However, the lack of RGB lighting throughout the design is worth mentioning, as it makes the MYSTIQUE 360 less appealing for a gaming PC. And whilst the pricing is reasonable for a CPU cooler of this calibre, the MYSTIQUE 360 is significantly more expensive than other DeepCool offerings. 


✅ 2.8″ LCD display

✅ Easy to install

✅ Cooling performance


❌ RGB Lighting

❌ Price point

❌ Software installation

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