DeepCool Unveil MYSTIQUE Series CPU Coolers

DeepCool have announced their latest series of MYSTIQUE AIO liquid coolers, premium cooling solutions with a built-in LCD display and all-black aesthetic. The MYSTIQUE 360 and MYSTIQUE 240 coolers are the first entries into the series, with the MYSTIQUE 360 available now at select retailers.

DeepCool are well-known for offering high-quality CPU cooling solutions at an affordable price, but the MYSTIQUE series appears to be their first venture into the premium liquid cooler market. Both the 360mm and 240mm variants are packed with a 3400RPM water pump, which is more than capable of keeping the most power-hungry CPUs cool whilst remaining quiet.

However, the biggest selling point of these CPU coolers is the 2.8″ IPS display. This screen allows users to monitor key information, such as CPU temperature and fan speed. In addition, the MYSTIQUE series coolers can be customised to display custom images and animations through DeepCool’s DeepCreative software.

Both the MYSTIQUE 360 and MYSTIQUE 240 are equipped with the DeepCool’s latest high performance FT12 SE PWM fans. These fans can reach speeds of up to 2150RPM, providing plenty of airflow to keep the temperatures of your PC build as low as possible. Other notable features include a redesigned coldplate for optimal heat transfer, as well as anti-leak technology that prolongs the lifespan of MYSTIQUE coolers.

MYSTIQUE coolers include either two or three 120mm fans depending on the model, as well as an anti-leak radiator.

In terms of pricing and availability, both the MYSTIQUE 360 and MYSTIQUE 240 can be found at various retailers, such as SCAN and Amazon. The MYSTIQUE comes in at a starting price of £159.99, whilst the MYSTIQUE 240 can be picked up for £134.99. DeepCool have already released the MYSTIQUE 360 at select retailers, those wanting to get their hands on the MYSTIQUE 240 will have to wait until the end of march 2024.

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