October 3, 2023
United Kingdom

Crucial P5 Plus 2TB SSD Available for Under $100 on Newegg

Crucial P5 Plus Deal Feature Image

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SSDs have become incredibly cheap as of late, with Gen4 and Gen3 drives coming in at exceptionally reasonable prices. This is likely down to an excessive amount of flash storage being available on the market right now, which has made even some of the best performing drives on the market affordable too. All of these Gen4 and Gen3 options are ripe for the picking, making now an excellent time to build a new system with some fast storage, or pick up an upgrade so you can install all of your games on your PC.

I’d argue that 2TB has become the go-to for many consumers, just because of the increasing size of games within the past few years. New triple A titles like Starfield have an install size of just under 140GB, which is about an 8th of a 1TB drive. So if you’ve installed 8 of your favourite triple A games, it is quite likely you’re going to need an upgrade sooner or later. Using Starfield as an example again, this new game also put SSDs as a system requirement. Although SATA SSDs will cut it nowadays, you may as well make use of the abundance of flash storage on the market, so high capacity Gen3 and Gen4 drives are 100% worth it in today’s market.

There’s one drive in particular that we’d recommend taking a look at on Newegg’s daily deal, which is the Crucial P5 Plus. Crucial doesn’t normally come to mind when it comes to NVMe drives, but they actually offer a solid range of high performance drives that rival even some of the top-end options on the market, like Samsung‘s 990 Pro, or the Seagate FireCuda 530.

Regardless, this 2TB P5 Plus comes in at an exceptional price point right now, sitting at $97.99 at the time of writing. 2TB drives can generally be quite expensive when looking at price per GB, so being able to pick up a 2TB drives under the $100 mark is a very tantalising deal for many.

Looking at specs, the P5 Plus is a Gen4 option, so speeds are going to be pretty solid across the board. This drive will be particularly useful for workstation consumers that need that perfect combination of strong read and write speeds, versus capacity. This particular model doesn’t come with a heatsink, so we are losing out on PS5 compatibility, along with the added benefit of decent thermal capability, but as the vast majority of motherboards normally have heatsinks, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

In terms of sequential reads and writes, this drive offers 6600MB/s on the reads, and 5000MB/s on the writes. Although this doesn’t quite compare to the near 7GB/s from drives like the FireCuda 530, most consumers won’t need more than this for gaming. And considering how cheap this drive is versus alternatives on the market, I’d argue that you’re giving the top-end drives a run for their money. Regardless of this, we’d definitely recommend consumers take a look at the P5 Plus if you need some more capacity. Even if you’ve got a Gen3 capable motherboard, this drive will work perfectly fine, you just won’t be able to make use of the higher read and write speeds.

At $97.99 at the time of writing, this high capacity Gen4 SSD is an awesome pickup:

Crucial P5 Plus Key Specs

SpecificationWD_Black SN850X
PCI-E GenerationGen4
Read Speed6600MB/s
Write Speed5000MB/s
Endurance (TBW)1200
SizeM.2 2280
Warranty5 Years

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