October 3, 2023
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noblechairs LEGEND Review – Comfort is King


One of the many trends that has taken over the gaming sphere in recent years has been the emergence of gaming chairs. It may seem strange to have a chair of all things targeted towards gamers, but what’s the point in having a great gaming setup if you’re unable to sit there and play games all day in comfort?

This realisation has resulted in a wide range of chairs with décor inspired by famous titles, lots of new adjustability features to avoid falling over during those tense gaming moments, and most recently, a McDonalds-inspired chair designed to keep your meal warm during intense play sessions.

One company that has benefited from the gaming chair is noblechairs, who have built a reputation for creating some of the best, high-quality gaming chairs around. Today, we’ll be reviewing their latest design, the LEGEND, to see if it truly lives up to its name.

What is a Gaming Chair?

The simplest way to describe a gaming chair is a modified office chair that is tailored towards gamers. Most gaming chairs have a lot of similarities to a traditional office chair, with features such as castors on the frame, arm rests that can be adjusted, and a sturdy backrest for additional support. However, there are a few qualities that make them stand out from traditional office chairs.

Whilst gaming chairs will vary in design, they tend to have a similar shape of a high back and padded seat.

For example, gaming chairs tend to possess more padding than a regular chair and are usually made from faux leather or mesh fabric. This gives the chairs a more luxurious feel that is more suitable for a bedroom or home space. The improved aesthetics are also meant to align more with other gaming products such as peripherals, as traditional office chairs usually stick out like a sore thumb when placed into a gaming setup.

Small additions like these are specifically targeted towards making gaming sessions more comfortable, which leads to an improved way of playing games. Most gamers want to play games on a chair so they can see the action, but also want a place to sit that is more comfortable than a regular chair. Because of this, gaming chairs became a way of blending comfort and practicality, acting as the perfect solution for home setups.

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs

With both gaming and office chairs possessing numerous similarities and differences, it can be hard to determine which option is best for you. Luckily for you, we’ve picked out the major factors that could influence the decision. As gaming chairs take a lot of design inspiration from office chairs, the general functionality of these chairs are very similar, which means that the main differences are appearance based.

There are a lot of key distinctions between an office and gaming chair that are worth considering before choosing which is best for you.

The first consideration is the shape. Office chairs usually stick to the basics when it comes to appearance, with most office chairs having a small back with a cushioned seat and large armrests. On the other hand, gaming chairs tend to stick to a large backrest, padded seat, and thinner armrests. Out of the two, office chairs have a wider variation in shape and size, which makes them a better option for anyone that needs support in a specific location.

Another significant difference to consider is the materials used. Office chairs are normally made up of mesh and fabric for the main part of the chair, with plastic armrests and a steel frame to support it. Gaming chairs also provide mesh options, with most armrests and frames being made from plastic and metal too. However, lots of gaming chairs aim to provide more padding to the design for a more premium feel, and are also available in faux leather options. This makes a gaming chair the go to choice for anyone that is looking for similar comfort levels to an armchair or sofa.

Finally, we have the colour and design options. Traditionally, office chairs stick to a more neutral colours in order to blend in with the environment more, whereas gaming chairs offer a wider range colour options in order to appeal to gamers that are fans of a particular game or looking to match their chair to a specific colour scheme. Because of this, gaming chairs are the better option for those looking for their chair to match a particular style, as it is easier to find a gaming chair that will meet the requirements.

There is plenty of debate as to which type of chair is the superior choice for the average consumer. Whilst each option has its advantages and disadvantages, both office and gaming chairs are designed to provide great ergonomics, allowing you to sit down all day without major issues.

Noblechairs Legend Design & Aesthetics

Now we’ve clarified what makes a gaming chair an ideal bet for some gamers, let’s take a closer look at the noblechairs LEGEND. Depicted as a premium chair that combines all the best elements from their previous line-up of chairs into one, the LEGEND carries some heavy expectations.

The Noblechairs Legend is rounded on the sides with lines of stitching through the front and back of the chair.

Since arriving in the office a few weeks ago, this chair has been my designated seat in the GeekaWhat office, which I was very pleased to hear. Opening up the box, the first thing that stood out was how premium the chair’s main body felt. The thick padding with the faux leather finish feels nice and firm, whilst also offering some leeway to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

The chair was very easy to put together, taking us about 20-30 minutes to assemble. We would suggest building the chair with at least one other person, as the main parts of the chair are quite heavy and difficult to hold. The included tool was also very helpful, saving us time searching for something that would fit into all the nuts and bolts.

Once fully assembled, the noblechairs LEGEND looks stunning. The all-black design with the predominantly leather body is very sleek, almost like a seat you would find in a high-end sports car. The design is kept simple throughout, with the only noticeable design inclusions being the noblechairs insignia on the front of the backrest and the silver airflow cut-out that separates the areas for the back and head.

The reclining lever on the right-hand side is easy to access for quick adjustments.
The seat and lumbar areas include extra padding for additional weight and posture support.
The headrest includes an etching of the Noblechairs logo on the front.


4D Armrests

A great example of how little improvements can have a major impact on comfort, 4D armrests are able to provide support for people of all shapes and sizes. Armrests found on typical chairs are usually attached to the main body, restricting them to a fixed location. However, the arms on gaming chairs like the Legend are separate, allowing them to be moved around. With the 4D armrests on the LEGEND, the arms can be moved forwards or back, inwards or outwards, and even turned slightly left or right to suit your seating arrangement.

Adjustable Height

In a similar style to the armrests, the adjustable height on this chair gives you the opportunity to match the LEGEND to the your ergonomic needs. Height is controlled with the pedals underneath the base of the chair. The pedal on the right is used to raise and lower the height while the left hand side locks the chosen height into place, meaning there is no need to worry about your chair slipping out of your sweet spot.

Reclining backrest

The final way to adjust the noblechairs LEGEND is with the reclining backrest. By pulling the lever on the right-hand side, the chair can recline from a 90° angle to 125°. Whilst a lot of gaming chairs have the ability to recline to 180°, the thicker padding on the LEGEND restricts the movement in order to maintain structural integrity. This won’t be a big miss for most people, but if you like to lie down on your chair to nap between gaming sessions, then it is worth considering an alternative.

Steel Frame

Onto the part that holds everything together, the steel frame offers plenty of support for the hefty body. Like most gaming chairs, the frame is placed onto castors, allowing you to move it around with ease on both soft and hard flooring. The frame also includes the hydraulic gas lift, which provides the the mechanics to adjust the chair’s height and tension. When sitting on the LEGEND, the frame definitely feels sturdy. Even though the chair as a whole feels rather heavy, the castors make it glide across the office floor pretty smoothly.

Lumbar Support

All of the other features on the noblechairs LEGEND are fairly common for a gaming chair. What makes this chair stand out from the crowd is the integrated lumbar support. One of the main cons of a gaming chairs is the high and rigid nature of backrest can lead to discomfort. The LEGEND tackles this issue with an integrated back rest that can be adjusted on the fly. By spinning the dial on the backrest, it adjusts the tension of the lumbar region, which alters the shape of the backrest to better suit your posture.

Pillow Set

In order to provide some extra comfort, the Legend is packaged with a noblechairs chairs pillow set. This set includes two pillows that are designed to provide additional support for the neck and lower back. Both pillows are made of a soft fabric embroidered with the noblechairs logo in grey. Whilst the integrated lumbar support will be enough for most, the cushion does make the backrest feel less rigid. However, the neck support is the true difference maker here, as it will make leaning back and relaxing feel much better.


  • Features
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money


After assembling the noblechairs LEGEND, it was obvious that this gaming chair was going to feel luxurious. The rounded shape, faux leather material, and stealthy black colours resonates with the my inner motorhead, as the LEGEND looks like it belongs in the front of a sports car. And after using it for a few weeks, I can confirm that the LEGEND feels as good as it looks. Each element of the chair is easy to adjust, making it easy to switch the ergonomics to suit the task at hand. It will take some time to find the best configuration for your posture, but it will feel great as soon as you do. As someone who doesn’t have the best posture, the LEGEND allows me to sit at the desk all day without any problems. Whilst the LEGEND is rather expensive for a gaming chair, it certainly lives up to its name.   


✅ Premium build quality

✅ Subtle design suitable for home or office

✅ Easy to assemble and adjust


❌ Very expensive

❌ Does not recline to 180°

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