Newegg Sees Corsair M65 RGB Elite at an Ultra Budget Price Point

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Corsair has been a mainstay in the peripherals space for as long as we can remember. Dating back around five or six years, we were just getting our hands models like the K70 and K60 keyboards, or the Glaive RGB gaming mouse. These peripherals are exceptional products, and Corsair have shown their prowess with some of the more modern additions that we’ve seen recently.

The mouse that we’re taking a look at in today’s daily deal is the M65 RGB Elite, a wired design with tuneable weights and DPI, allowing you to enjoy huge scope for customisation and precision, ensuring your games and applications are controlled exactly the way you want them to. At the core of the M65 are three weights that can be removed or added in order to adjust the centre of gravity. This can provide gamers with more accuracy, or freedom of movement, dependent on the kind of mouse weight that you prefer. The weight can be fully dropped to 97g, which is extremely light, and will benefit those that need high speed accuracy at a moment’s notice.

The M65 has a native sensitivity that can reach up to 18000 DPI at the maximum. Consumers can fully control the sensitivity of the M65 at the click of a button by using Corsair’s iCUE software. This allows you to change the DPI in gradual increments. Alternatively, you can use the ‘sniper button’ on the side of the mouse that will instantly reduce sensitivity allowing you to make crucial shots in a moment of intensity.

Moving onto design, the M65 offers an anodised aluminium frame, providing some robust-ness and a long lifespan. This should prevent any major drops from damaging the mouse. Consumers can also expect a lifespan of more than 50 million clicks for the Omron switches, allowing you to enjoy the M65 for many years to come. On the lighting front you’ve got access to two-zone dynamic RGB, which can be seen on the scroll wheel, the Corsair logo, and the small vents located towards the bottom of the mouse. This of course can be fully customised within iCUE, allowing you to change the colours and lighting effects at will.

This is the wireless sibling of the M65 which offers similar specs at an equally affordable price point.

The M65 RGB Elite also provides users with an onboard storage profile, allowing you to take your lighting and macro profiles with you, on the go. This is especially useful if you’re the kind of consumer that prefers a more portable setup. If you’re the kind of consumer that uses a mouse mat regularly too, you can configure surface calibration, allowing you to tune the responsiveness of your mouse based on the surface it is sitting on top of.

Corsair’s M65 RGB Elite is an excellent mouse geared towards gamers playing FPS and MOBA titles. The high DPI provides extreme accuracy, and allows consumers to fully customise this to their heart’s content. This mouse is one of the best priced options right now, and comes in at an exceptionally affordable price. Most budget gaming mice will sit around the $30 mark, which makes this one of the more compelling choices based on the fact that this is a mid-range mouse with a budget price point.

Overall we think this is a great buy for those that are looking to pick up a budget gaming mouse:

Corsair M65 RGB Elite Key Specs

Key SpecsCorsair M65 RGB Elite
Max DPI18000
Programmable Buttons8

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