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Lian Li Unveils New Cases, Liquid Coolers, and UNIFANs at Computex 2023

Lian Li Computex 2023 Feature Image


We are currently at Computex 2023, in Taipei, Taiwan to scoop up all of brand new information concerning product releases this year. At day one of the showcase, we’ve wandered into the Lian Li booth to see what one of our favourite case manufacturers has on offer.

So far we’re pretty impressed with some of the new releases. Lian Li seems to be stepping up their game when it comes to chassis design, with consumers getting access to not one, but two brand new cases, one of which is a specialised Mini-ITX option, for consumers looking to build a more compact system.

The renowned UNIFAN is getting a significant facelift, with Lian Li providing a fully customisable screen, addressable RGB, and a connector that can tell the difference between the old fans and the brand new ones. And finally, the new Trinity CPU cooler. These AIOs offer a unique design which allows consumers to swap out the water block featuring a range of varying aesthetics or quality of life features that can up your style game!

In this article we’ll be delving into each of the new Lian Li products, with some of our insights too!

Lian Li O11 Vision

Lian Li is one of the most prominent case manufacturers in the world, offering a huge range of options for consumers to sink their teeth in ranging from budget options, all the way up to top-end full tower chassis’. One of the main cases that has stuck out to us in the past is the O11D SKU, which I’d argue is one of Lian Li’s most popular line-up of cases.

Lian Li O11 Vision Front

One of their brand new case options debuting at Computex 2023 is the brand new O11 Vision, which offers a seamless glass design on the front and side panels of the case. There’s no black pillars blocking out your view here, Lian Li have provided an entirely unhindered view into your PC build allowing you to show of all of your components in all of their glory. It is worth noting as well that we’ve seen other similar cases release in the past year or so such as HYTE’s Y60 and NZXT‘s H9 Elite. It seems that Lian Li’s original design has had a bit of a resurrection, and the seamless glass aesthetic is gaining popularity again

The O11 Vision is a mid-tower design, supporting E-ATX motherboards up to 280mm in size, and graphics cards up to 455mm in length too. This means all of you RTX 4000 users can breathe, knowing your new graphics card won’t be suffocated due to poor airflow. The case comes in black and white, and is looking to release with an MSRP of $139 which I’d say is more than reasonable. Lian Li have been very competitive with their new cases as of recently, and it seems the O11 Vision is also jumping on the ‘reasonably priced’ bandwagon.

Lian Li O11 Vision Angled
Lian Li O11 Vision Side Angled
Lian Li O11 Vision Side

Lian Li Concept Case

At Computex we’ve also seen a rather interesting concept case from Lian Li, known as the SUP 01. Although this chassis doesn’t have a particularly catchy name as such, it has definitely caught our attention. This concept design is a svelte and compact chassis that has more height than it does length.

Lian Li have expanded the case upwards in order to accommodate the rise in large graphics card. In doing so, they’ve also had to reimagine airflow so that your components don’t suffocate.

Your components are partitioned off versus the rest of the case, with any fans moved to the right side of the chassis pushing air out of an entirely mesh side panel. This means that any heat will be drawn from the left side of the case, and exhausted out of the right. You’ve also got space for a 360mm radiator up front, allowing you to keep your CPU nice and cool, whilst also adding to the overall aesthetic and airflow of the case.

Lian Li SUP 01 Front

Lian Li have provided some RGB on the exterior of the case too (in an L shape), which is reminiscent of some older O11D designs that we’ve seen in the past. I’m personally pretty excited for this case to release. Lian Li are always changing the game when it comes to case designs, and it is very clear that their target market are those building a more compact RTX 4000 system, but without compromising on aesthetic or airflow. Hopefully this case lives up to the expectations!

The Return of the UNI FAN!

Lian Li‘s UNIFAN’s are a bit of an underdog in the PC gaming space, and was one of the first designs to offer a magnetic case fan that would minimise the amount of building time, whilst also providing some extra flair for your build. Lian Li has given the UNIFAN a bit of a facelift with three entirely new designs gracing the market in Q2 and Q3 of 2023.


UNI FAN SL-INF Reverse Blade

The first redesign is the reverse blade model of the UNI FAN. This is the world’s first case fan to offer an LCD screen that is fully customisable and can feature GIFs, videos, system information, and more. All of these fans will magnetically lock together reducing the amount of time it takes to install them, and will significantly help with airflow too.

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The 2nd generation TL fans are also rather unique, offering vibrant RGB lighting, alongside an infinity mirror on the side. This redesign adds a cool aesthetic to your build, whilst providing a much needed refresh versus the original UNI FAN TL. The TL LCD model also looks to be similar to the standard TL, but also offers an LCD screen that you can customise to your heart’s content. Lian Li definitely seem to be providing more innovation the case fan space!

Lian Li Galahad II Trinity Series

One of the final things that Lian Li were showing off at their Computex booth was an entirely new range of AIO liquid coolers known as the Galahad II Trinity series. Each of these options provide much more customisation and improved performance options, geared towards high-end systems.

Lian Li Trinity Fans and Rad

The Trinity series offers three swappable caps for the AIO CPU block, allowing you to easily change the look of your cooler. The block also has 45 degree rotary fittings which allow you to simply change the orientation of your cooler should it be installed the wrong way up. The standard Trinity design comes in 240mm and 360mm options which offers pre-installed fans that are all easily connected up.

Lian Li Trinity Block Top
Lian Li Trinity Small Block Top
Lian Li Trinity Top

The Trinity SL-INF AIO offers a slight improvement upon the standard Trinity by providing pre-installed SL-INF fans along with a controller too, allowing you to easily change lighting and colours. The performance model is definitely the beefiest of the bunch, sporting 28mm fans, a 32mm thick radiator, and a pump capable of reaching 4200RPM. This model is only available in a 360mm option, but is perfectly designed for overclocking or high performance systems that need a little bit extra ‘oomph’ when it comes to cooling.

Jay Harris is an expert in everything PC hardware! With a degree in Cybersecurity, and a PC hardware background Jay has all of the technical knowledge required to make informed recommendations. Jay is an avid keyboard builder and gamer, with a major passion for tech. In fact, Jay's personal rig boasts a white RX 7900 XTX graphics card, inside of the Lian O11D Mini - a true enthusiast's dream!