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Best Power Supplies to Buy for the RTX 4070 SUPER


If you’ve picked up NVIDIA’s RTX 4070 SUPER for your next gaming PC build, it is important to pick up a power supply that can handle the demands of 1440p gaming. With the RTX 4070 SUPER specifically, the improved clock speeds and CUDA cores compared to the original RTX 4070 leads to an increase in power consumption, which means more power is required to keep your gaming PC on top form.

But what PSUs are up to the task of powering the RTX 4070 SUPER? In this buyers guide, we’ll be guiding you through the best PSUs to pair up with this graphics card, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each product along the way.


Read on for our full testing, but here’s our quickfire verdict:

Out of all the PSUs we’ve tested alongside NVIDIA’s RTX 4070 SUPER, MSI’s MAG A850GL PCIE5 takes the top-spot for its blend of features for a reasonable price point. As an 850W PSU, the MAG A850GL PCIE5 has more than enough firepower to keep a build featuring the RTX 4070 SUPER running at its best, along with support for future upgrades and additions. 

The Best PSUs for RTX 4070 SUPER



MSI’s MAG A850GL PCIE5 is simply one of the best 850W power supplies on the market, with its extensive support and accessible price point making it an excellent addition to any 1440p gaming PC. Though 850 Watts is beyond the necessary power requirements for builds featuring the RTX 4070 SUPER, the additional firepower provides space for further component upgrades.

Despite the modest pricing, the MAG A850GL PCIE5 includes a range of features you’d expect from more expensive products. As the name would suggest, this ATX 3.0 PSU comes with a PCIE 5.0 power connector, which means the RTX 4070 SUPER can be connected via a single 16-Pin cable. This helps to simplify cable management, whilst also providing more reliable and efficient power delivery to the GPU.

Efficiency Rating80 Plus Gold
ModularityFully Modular
ATX 3.0Yes
Fan Size120mm
PSU Length140mm
Zero-Fan ModeN/A

In terms of efficiency, the 80 Plus Gold rating indicates this PSU will remain cool and quiet under stressful loads, leading to less distractions when gaming at the highest settings. The MAG A850GL PCIE5 is also easy to slot into a PC build thanks to its fully modular design, which removes the clutter of unnecessary cables for a tidier system.

However, one improvement that would make this power supply even better is the addition of a zero-fan mode to reduce noise and increase longevity. Another less essential enhancement would be to provide a facelift to the simplistic aesthetic with some RGB lighting or an LCD display.



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2. ASUS TUF Gaming 750W

MPI_ASUS TUF Gaming 750W
$170.24 at Amazon
Last updated: 2024-06-23 05:46:23 ET

From all of the 750W power supplies we’ve tested, the ASUS TUF Gaming 750W is amongst the more premium offerings, mainly due to the impressive design and build quality. Like most of ASUS’ TUF products, this power supply comes with a military-inspired design, resulting in a very durable PSU that looks and feels battle-ready.

The emphasis on durability is implemented throughout the design, as the TUF Gaming 750W provides long-lasting power to your system. One aspect that helps this PSU achieve that goal is the ATX 3.0 compatibility, which can pipe up to 600W through one cable, providing a more efficient power delivery method to the RTX 4070 SUPER.

Key SpecsASUS TUF Gaming 750W
Efficiency Rating80 Plus Gold
ModularityFully Modular
ATX 3.0Yes
Fan Size135mm
PSU Length150mm
Zero-Fan ModeNo

To help keep the TUF Gaming 750W cool, this power supply is equipped with a 135mm dual bearing fan. This technology prolongs the lifespan of the PSU fan, which means your power supply will be able to withstand plenty of heavy usage. On top of this, the TUF Gaming 750W has been awarded an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, so you can expect it to handle higher workloads with minimal noise or heat pollution.

In a similar manner to the MSI MAG A850GL PCIE5, the biggest weakness of this device is the lack of a zero-fan mode. Including such a feature would further increase this PSU’s durability and lead to less noise in minimally intensive workloads.



3. Thermaltake Smart BM3 750W

MPI_Thermaltake Smart BM3 750W
$103.17 at Amazon
Last updated: 2024-06-23 05:46:23 ET

For anyone looking to keep the cost of their RTX 4070 SUPER build to a minimum, Thermaltake’s Smart BM3 750W is an exceptional budget-friendly power supply. Even though it sits at a very affordable price point, this PSU is packed with a number of premium features.

The Smart BM3 750W is one of the cheapest options on the market to support ATX 3.0, making it a perfect choice for the RTX 4070 SUPER. In addition, this power supply comes with a zero-fan mode, allowing the integrated fan to switch off completely during less demanding workloads.

Key SpecsThermaltake Smart BM3 750W
Efficiency Rating80 Plus Bronze
ModularitySemi Modular
ATX 3.0Yes
Fan Size120mm
PSU Length150mm
Zero-Fan ModeYes

However, there are number of caveats to the design to be aware of. Firstly, this PSU is semi modular. This means some cables will be fixed onto the PSU, leading to less freedom during cable management. The lower 80 Plus Bronze efficiency rating may also result in higher temperatures and noise levels compared to more efficient power supplies.

To see James’ thoughts on this PSU, along with a better look at Thermaltake’s Smart BM3 750W in action, check out our PC build featuring this product. This system targets excellent 1440p gameplay while keeping the cost to a grand total of $1500.



How We Tested PSUs for RTX 4070 SUPER

To determine which power supply is the best to pair alongside the RTX 4070 SUPER, we’ve tested and evaluated a range of 650W, 750W, and 850W units with this graphics card to see how they perform. During the evaluation process, a number of factors were taken into consideration, including:

  • Form Factor
  • Efficiency Rating
  • Noise Levels
  • Modularity
  • Features
  • Value for Money

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Wattage Do I Need for RTX 4070 SUPER?

According to NVIDIA, the recommend PSU wattage for the RTX 4070 SUPER is 650W.

Is ATX 3.0 Necessary for RTX 4000 Series?

You don’t need an ATX 3.0 compatible power supply for RTX 4000 series graphics cards. But, the access to the PCI-E 5.0 connector is great for cable management.

Are Fully Modular PSUs Worth It?

Yes, fully modular power supplies offer full control over the connectors, making cable management a lot easier.

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