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MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Headset Review

FI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless

The MSI Immerse GH50 is a wireless gaming headset that offers low-latency connectivity, an immersive audio experience, and cross-platform compatibility at an affordable price. The Immerse GH50 Wireless provides a solid range of high-quality features at a low price point, targeted at the budget side of the market. This is a very heated area saturated with a vast range of options, so we’ve tested the Immerse GH50 Wireless in a range of benchmarks to see how it compares to other renowned budget wireless headsets.

While the budget headset space is highly competitive, manufacturers often sacrifice features to make their designs more affordable. The Logitech G435, for example, has no software control, while the HyperX Cloud II headset doesn’t have exceptional microphone quality. In this review, we’ll assess the overarching set of features with a full assessment of the specs, design, sound quality, and software control to see how the Immerse GH50 Wireless compares to the rest of the market.

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The MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless is a compact headset weighing 326g without additional packaging. However, those familiar with MSI’s Immerse range will immediately notice the premium feel and look compared to some of their older options.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Earcup Side

Underneath the earcups, 50mm neodymium drivers are tuned to offer between 20 and 20000Hz on the response curve. This range is typically what humans can hear, with 20Hz being extremely bassy lows, while 20000Hz is an extremely high-pitched sound like birds chirping or the ringing of a cymbal. While most headsets tend to offer this range, this means that the headset can be tuned to cater to your audio preferences. It’s worth noting that the drivers’ impedance (how much voltage is pushed through the headset) is 32 ohms, which is relatively standard for a gaming headset or standard pair of headphones.

SpecificationsMSI Immerse GH50 Wireless
Driver Unit50mm Neodymium
Speaker Frequency Response20 – 20000Hz
Microphone Pickup PatternOmnidirectional (Detachable)
Connectivity2.4GHz, 3.5mm Wired
Battery LifeUp to 22 Hours
CompatibilityPC, Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox

The Immerse GH50 Wireless features a detachable omnidirectional microphone installed into the left earcup through a jack. Again, Omnidirectional microphones are relatively standard for gaming headsets because they’re cheaper than other pickup patterns like cardioid or bidirectional. Using this pickup pattern means your voice will be heard clearly from every direction, but its caveat is that other sounds will also be picked up easily.

Regarding connectivity, the Immerse GH50 Wireless offer both 2.4GHz wireless and 3.5mm wired. The 2.4GHz adapter is USB 2.0 and easily synced with your PC. The 3.5mm cable can be used as a wired solution, and those playing on a console may need to use this to get the GH50 Wireless to work.

MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Design

I believe MSI’s Immerse GH50 Wireless is a step up from their previous ‘GH’ models on the design front. Contrasting to the wired GH50 and GH40, while the chassis of the headset is primarily plastic, the sleek black and grey design lifts the aesthetic, making the Immerse GH50 Wireless look pretty premium. The headband of this headset is metal and features a cushioned leatherette pad in the middle. Because MSI has opted to use metal for the headband, it provides rigidity and flexibility that won’t be achievable with plastic.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Wide

I’m also a big fan of the minimalist approach that MSI has taken with the design. A vast range of headsets feature RGB lighting or colourful flourishes that make them look like they’re specifically geared towards gaming, but the Immerse GH50 Wireless could easily blend in well with an office environment, making it a bit more versatile, contrasting to options from other brands.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Cushioned Headband

Both earcups also feature leatherette cushioning and feel very comfortable. They have a degree of swivel, creating an excellent seal and allowing you to immerse yourself in the game entirely. The earcups can also be folded into the headband, making the Immerse GH50 Wireless easy to store away or take on the go. Remember that those with glasses may find the seal on the earcups quite tight, making long gaming sessions less enjoyable.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Wide Angled

As mentioned, the microphone attaches and detaches from the left earcup, where all the media controls are located. There are two buttons and a wheel to control the volume. The power button switches the headset on and off, while the other controls muting for the microphone. A USB-C port also sits next to the power button, providing a way to charge the headset.

The media controls are easy enough to locate and use, but it would have been nice to have a separate visible controller, as the size of the buttons makes them somewhat hard to press during moments of intense gameplay.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Media Controls

Playing into the idea of portability, the GH50 Wireless comes with a carry pouch, protecting the headphones while being transported. The carry pouch isn’t necessary, but those who play games while travelling will appreciate the ease of use.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Carry Pouch

In the box are all the additional accessories, including the 2.4GHz dongle, charging cable, 3.5mm jack and carry pouch. These are all organised neatly and tied up with plastic cable ties.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless 2.4GHz

Sound Quality

Before we delve into the features we liked and disliked, it’s first worth assessing the overall sound quality across the headset speakers and microphone. Even though this is a budget headset, sound quality is often a ‘make-or-break’ feature for most gamers, so we’re curious to see what’s on offer compared to other cheaper headsets on the market.


Regarding speaker quality, the 50mm neodymium drivers are paying dividends here. The out-of-the-box experience is pretty well-balanced overall. The Immerse GH50 Wireless emphasises bass, which is typical for a gaming headset, but there’s solid clarity without any fine-tuning, so listening to music was great.

There’s a decent amount of customisation on offer through Nahimic Audio (which automatically installs once you’ve synced up the 2.4GHz dongle and headset). Nahimic audio has a few presets that alter the soundstage according to the media being listened to. So whether you’re watching a film, playing a game, or listening to music, this headset is designed to provide optimal sound quality.

Additionally, more options exist to tune the high-end (treble) and low-end (bass) to suit preferences. Nahimic Audio doesn’t have a proper equaliser, but the customisation on offer is more than what most budget headsets will provide.

Overall, the listening experience was pretty impressive. In various games, I could pinpoint specific audio, whether it was the swooping of a Grim in Destiny 2 or the distant sound of gunfire in Cyberpunk 2077. Nothing sounds washed out or distorted. When listening to music and videos, the sound is very bassy. So big explosions or plenty of bass tend to sit at the forefront of the soundstage. However, I enjoyed listening to other media with this headset outside of gaming.


On the other hand, the Immerse GH50 Wireless microphone was less impressive. The main flaw of the mic is its omnidirectional pickup pattern, which picks up a fair amount of background noise, contrasting to cardioid or bidirectional microphones. Despite this, the Immerse GH50 Wireless picked up a fair amount of vocal detail without sounding tinny or distorted.

Headset microphones are similar in quality. Because there’s not a whole lot of space to pack in any additional hardware to enhance the quality of the microphone, the Immerse GH50 Wireless won’t be able to reach the likes of condenser quality mics like the Elgato Wave 3, ASUS Carnyx, or NZXT Capsule. However, the microphone on this headset is perfectly serviceable for gaming and voice chat.

It’s worth noting that Nahimic Audio does provide some noise suppression, which can help with the background noise. Still, if you’re using Discord or a similar app, you likely won’t need this, as audio suppression is often built into those apps.

Features We Like

Nahimic Audio Customisation

Budget headsets don’t tend to offer many additional features outside of the hardware available on the headset, so it’s always great to see peripherals that have customisable software. While the level of customisation for Nahimic Audio is somewhat basic, some settings provide a way to fine-tune bass and treble, depending on your preferences.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Nahimic Audio

Solid Battery Life

The Immerse GH50 Wireless offers up to 22 hours of battery life for uninterrupted listening. During our testing over many days, we found the advertised battery life to be accurate. The GH50 Wireless lasted around three days (7 hours of usage) without being recharged. Over this time, latency remained the same, and the Immerse GH50 Wireless held strong.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless USB-C Port

Highly Portable

This headset is designed to be folded up and taken with you. The compact and foldable design allowed the Immerse GH50 Wireless to be easily stowed away in a bag or pocket. The Immerse GH50 Wireless also comes with a small carry case, providing a simple way to safely store the headset while on the go.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Folded

Features We Don’t Like

No Mic Mute While Wired

The only major flaw of this headset is the lack of microphone muting while wired. The headset works perfectly fine in wireless mode, but when plugged into a PC or console, there’s no way to mute the microphone besides unplugging it. This feels like a design oversight and, we imagine, will discourage many prospective buyers from using the Immerse GH50 Wireless as a wired headset.

MPI_MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless with Mic


MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless
Value Green JPG 200px

Product Name: Immerse GH50 Wireless

Brand: MSI

  • Features
  • Design
  • Sound Quality
  • Value For Money


The MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless is a highly affordable headset that provides gamers with low-latency wireless connectivity and decent sound quality. The standout areas of this headset compared to others we’ve reviewed are the audio customisation and speaker sound quality. The 50mm neodymium drivers have great range, and through Nahimic Audio, prospective buyers can customise some of the highs and lows suited to what you’re listening to. This isn’t often available with other budget headsets, so we recognise this significant value-add as a strong selling point of the Immerse GH50 Wireless. Furthermore, its highly portable and versatile design makes it an excellent addition for seasoned travellers looking to get their audio or gaming fix while on the go.

The only qualm I have with the design is the lack of audio muting while this headset is in wired mode. Although this isn’t a deal-breaker for us, those who would instead use the 3.5mm jack won’t be able to get the total usage of the microphone. However, this is a relatively small weakness overall, and I feel the excellent price point of the Immerse GH50 Wireless makes it a worthwhile option for those on a budget.


✅ Audio customisation through Nahimic

✅ Highly portable

✅ Comfortable design


❌ No RGB

❌ No muting while wired

❌ Microphone quality

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