Blazing-Fast G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo EXPO Memory Sitting at Excellent Price Point

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DDR5 memory has been available for a few years at this point, and the initial pricing of this new generation of memory wasn’t particularly great to begin with. Consumers could pick up a CL40 kit for over $150 initially, which wasn’t ideal, considering how cheap DDR4 has been in comparison. Over time though, prices have started to get much better, with the lower-end kits sitting at price parity with DDR4, making DDR5 a pretty tantalising offer. Motherboards have also slowly started to drop in price too on both Intel‘s and AMD‘s platforms, which provides more accessibility for those looking to build a DDR5-based system.

However, we’ve slowly been waiting for DDR5 CAS latency to improve, which will provide better performance bonuses for gaming and productivity applications. With the release of AMD’s Ryzen 7000 motherboards and EXPO memory profiles, DDR5 is slowly starting to become the norm for consumers looking to build a mid-range system. We’ll have to wait some time before DDR5 is a better option for those building a budget gaming PC, but this is primarily due to the wild motherboard pricing as opposed to the RAM DIMMs themselves.

Poor motherboard pricing aside, Newegg currently has one of the best priced and best performing kits on the market right now. For those looking to put together a high performance Ryzen 7000 system, this 32GB kit of G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo DIMMs is perfect. These DIMMs offer a speed of 6000MHz, which is one of the stronger speeds versus the rest of the market. CAS Latency also sits at an all time low of 30, which is one of the lowest latencies we’ve seen, especially at this given price point. Picking up a low latency kit is a must for those building a top-end system, because this determines how quickly reading and writing can happen.

So the lower your latency, the quicker your RAM kit is able to perform. In terms of aesthetic, this particular kit is black, but offers an RGB strip on the top of each DIMM. G.Skill unfortunately doesn’t have their own RGB or RAM configuration software, so these DIMMs will utilise system lighting. This is a bit unfortunate, but if you’re not bothered about customising your RGB lighting, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

The most important point to note here, is pricing. This Trident Z5 Neo kit sits at $114.99 at the time of writing, which is incredibly competitive considering how well this kit performs. The vast majority of high performance kits will set well above this price point, which is why this Trident Z5 Neo option is such a worthwhile consideration for a Ryzen 7000 system. This kit also stands to offer stronger performance metrics than the majority of non-AMD kits, due to EXPO memory profiles, which increase clock speeds and lower the latency, with the simple click of a button.

At $114.99 at the time of writing, we think this RAM kit is one of the best options right now:

G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo Key Specs

SpecificationG.Skill Trident Z5 Neo EXPO
DIMMs2 x 16GB
CAS Latency30

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