ASRock Arc A770 Drops to All-Time Low for 16GB and 8GB VRAM Models

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Intel’s Arc series of graphics cards have received a somewhat rocky start during their initial release, but we’ve seen huge improvements to the drivers and performance thanks to Intel. Right now, the ASRock version of the Arc A770 is at it’s lowest price for both the 16GB and 8GB versions. The 16GB version specifically is an incredibly compelling option due to the increased performance demands of modern games.

While this card isn’t the fastest, nor the most powerful option on the market right now, it is one of the best priced cards. There are zero 16GB cards that you can pick up as of the time of writing, that come in at a $300 price point. All of the current and previous generation 16GB GPUs will be $500 or more, so the ASRock A770 looks to be a real bargain.

Performance wise, the A770 compares to an RTX 3060 Ti/RTX 3060. You can expect pretty solid performance in the vast majority of 1080p titles, with some legroom at 1440p. The A770 performs the best in DX12 and DX9 titles. Intel doesn’t have the years of driver experience that AMD and NVIDIA do, so they’ve got a lot of catching up to do versus the competition. But despite the lacklustre performance in some older games, the newest titles don’t pose much of a problem. You’ll really see the A770 shine in these new games (as long as performance is relatively optimised).

Intel also brought along some pretty big changes to DX9 games recently (titles like Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends), which also makes either of these options ideal for Esports gamers. If you’re the kind of consumer that only plays the titles and isn’t that bothered about the latest and greatest options, a $249.99 GPU is an awesome bargain.

As this card is an AIB, there’s also some benefits when it comes to aesthetics and performance. While I don’t doubt Intel‘s cooling capability, AIB partners are always able to push the boat out further with more fans, and bigger heatsinks that should minimise any throttling. Not to mention, the Phantom Gaming model looks particularly great too. The central fan offers some RGB lighting, providing some additional flair. The black and red shrouding offers some nice contrast too, instead of the more traditional grey or just fully black cards that we normally see.

Right now either of these A770 options are worth considering for a solid budget gaming PC, allowing you to enjoy newer games, and much older titles without any major hiccups or stutters. At $249.99 for the 8GB version, and $299.99 for the 16GB card, we think this is an awesome buy.

ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770 8GB:

ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770 16GB:

ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770 Specs

SpecificationASRock Phantom Gaming A770
Xe Cores32
Ray Tracing Units32
Base Clock Speed (MHz)2100
Boost Clock Speed (MHz)2200

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