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MSI is a mainstay in the PC building space, and has a number of excellent component ranges on the market. We’ve taken a look at a huge number of MSI parts in the past, and overall we’re pretty happy with the quality and pricing. More recently, we’ve seen a big influx of power supplies from MSI, catering to a range of different budgets and use-cases.

Due to the significant increase in wattage requirements with some of the newer components on the market, picking up an 850W option isn’t necessarily a bad choice. These PSUs can come in at a pretty high price point at times, but this is often well warranted. Consumers building a mid-range system may hit the 850W ceiling pretty quickly, and this is down to the fact that graphics cards and CPUs are demanding more juice in order to run.

In Newegg’s Daily Deal we’ve found one of the best 850W options on the market right now, geared towards those with one of NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 options. The MPG A850G is an awesome option, designed to handle the latest and greatest components with minimal hindrances. On the efficiency front, the A850G offers an 80 plus gold rating, which means that efficiency will be at its highest under a 50% load. I’d say this is a bare minimum for an 850W option, but regardless we’re still happy to see that any extra power drawn will minimise the amount of extra heat and noise that comes from this too.

In terms of power connectors, the most standout feature of the A850G is ATX 3.0 compatibility. Although NVIDIA‘s new graphics cards haven’t been received particularly well, they’re still a valid option if you’re willing to shell out for them. ATX 3.0 minimises the amount of cable hassle, and risk that comes with using the included adapters for non-ATX 3.0 power supplies. You can simply plug in one cable for your graphics card, which looks much cleaner too.

It is also worth noting that the A850G utilises a single rail design. The rails on your PSU essentially deliver the power, and more commonly multiple rails will be used, which requires the manufacturer to balance amperage across them. However, the single rail on this particular unit can deliver more power without the hindrance of load balancing, which effectively means all you need to do is check your system doesn’t overload the wattage of this PSU, and you’ll be good.

The MPG A850G is also reasonably quiet as well. Consumers can choose to turn on the Zero-Fan mode, which will switch off the fan should the overall TDP of the power supply sit below 40%. This will help with energy saving, and also offer silent operation when you’re not pushing your PC too hard.

At $139.99 at the time of writing, the MSI MPG A850G is a worthwhile consideration for a powerful PC build:

MSI MPG A850 Key Specs

Key SpecsMSI MPG A850G
Form FactorATX
Zero-Fan Mode?No
PCI-E 5.0?Yes

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