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Endgame Gear OP1WE Gaming Mouse Review

FI_Endgame Gear OP1WE

For PC gamers, finding the right mouse plays a pivotal part in securing a win in your next game. But with so many options on the market, making that decision can be rather tricky. For those with existing preferences, it can be pretty simple, but for buyer’s yet to define their perfect mouse style, the decision is a little more tricky.

But what if you could purchase a mouse that offered a fully customisable design, allowing you to change the switches, mouse skates, and level of grip without a second thought? Meet the OP1 WE, a wireless lightweight gaming mouse from Endgame Gear that offers up near endless customisability, perfect for those who aren’t exactly sure what they want just yet.

In this review we’ll be taking a look at this mouse, exploring the features and design choices, while also highlighting the things that we like and don’t like.

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What is a Customisable Gaming Mouse?

Customisability in the keyboard space has been pretty mainstream for a number of years at this point, with models that allow you to change the keycaps, switches and even the amount of dampening and lubrication on the board. But the same can’t really be said for gaming mice, which tend to be a bit more restrictive. On most designs, you are limited to what your manufacturer picks – and the subsequent feel that this serves up.

MPI_Endgame Gear OP1WE Angled

The only real customisability we have seen in this space is weighted gaming mice. These have fallen out of popularity in recent years, with the market shifting over to lightweight gaming mice which are more ideal for responsiveness within fast-paced titles. Beyond this, gaming mice haven’t seen the same amount of innovation that other components and peripherals have seen – something Endgame are looking to overcome here with their OP1WE.

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Endgame Gear OP1WE Design

The Endgame Gear OP1WE gaming mouse sports a matte black shell with white PTFE glide skates on the bottom. All areas of the mouse that are visible from the top are entirely black, which gives it a stealthy look. The OP1WE is available in white too, which might take your fancy if you prefer a lighter-themed setup.

MPI_Endgame Gear OP1WE in Plant Pot

While the matte black shell does look and feel nice, it attracts fingerprints easily, and can start to feel greasy after prolonged use. A long session of gaming would definitely cause the OP1WE to pickup a fair few prints and marks, something which the white version of this design would help to alleviate.

This mouse feels nice in the hand, and you don’t need to scrunch up your hands too much with usage. The flatter sides provide more flexibility when it comes to finger placement, minimising the amount of straining. The lightweight design of the OP1WE (weighing in at just 58.5g) means that movement is incredibly smooth too.

I like the design of the OP1WE, and while there isn’t anything hugely ground-breaking here, the OP1WE is consistent in it’s build quality, design features and overall user experience.

Endgame Gear OP1WE Specifications

A strong feel and design of a gaming mouse is important, but only if the hardware specifications match up. With a polling rate that runs at 1000Hz at the maximum, this is a pretty quick design, and will prove ample for those of you looking to play competitive games. The high DPI will also help assist with accuracy in your favourite titles, with a max rating of 19,000.

Battery life is another strong point, with up to 7 days of life after a full charge. While it would be nice to see Bluetooth as a wireless connectivity option, 2.4GHz is generally better for response time and connection reliability, and Endgame Gear have made the right call here on the connectivity front.

SpecificationsEndgame Gear OP1WE
Max DPI19000
Polling Rate1000Hz
Programmable Buttons0
Connectivity2.4GHz, Wired
Max Battery LifeUp to 168hrs
Endgame Gear OP1WE Spec Table

Features We Like

There are lots of features that we like in Endgame Gear’s design of the OP1WE. Here are some of our favourites:

Smooth and Lightweight Design

The minimalist approach to the design of the OP1WE makes it extremely lightweight. This further enhances how smooth the OP1WE is during usage, and will be ideal for those playing more intense competitive titles that demand supreme accuracy. These skates can also be switched out for alternative options, for those that prefer more grip.

Out of the box it is worth emphasizing how smooth this mouse actually is. The skates on the bottom of the mouse are a hybrid design, optimised for accuracy and speed, allowing the OP1WE to glide across your mouse mat with no friction.

Customisable Mouse Switches

The most impressive feature of the OP1WE is the customisable switches. Endgame Gear has opted to use Kailh GO optical switches. Those that are familiar with the custom keyboard space will recognise the name ‘Kailh’ as they are primarily known for their excellent keyboard switches. The Kailh GO switches used in the OP1WE provide a mechanical-like click, responding with a ‘thocky’ sound. This is both extremely satisfying but also highly responsive, with an impressive lifespan of 80 million actuations.

MPI_Endgame Gear OP1WE Switches

In order to swap out your switches for an alternative design, all you need to do is remove the two Philips screws on the underside of the mouse, and remove the cable connector attaching the switch to the board. It is worth noting thati f you do change the switches they need to be Kailh GO designs at present.

Customisable Software

The OP1WE has a range of settings that can be customised using the Endgame Gear configuration application. You are able to change the polling rate, sensor configuration, debounce time, and more.

MPI_Endgame Gear OP1WE Endgame Gear Software

Features We Don’t Like

DPI Switch Location

It always confuses me when manufacturers but the DPI button on the bottom of a gaming mouse. I understand that this might have been done to minimise misclicks, but I’d much rather have the DPI button in an accessible place, allowing for sensitivity changes on the fly. There aren’t any additional buttons on this mouse either, so there’s no way of re-mapping the DPI cycle button to another location.

MPI_Endgame Gear OP1WE Mode Button


Endgame Gear OP1WE

Product Name: OP1WE

Brand: Endgame Gear

  • Features
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Value For Money


Endgame Gear’s OP1WE is an impressively smooth and lightweight gaming mouse that provides you with a unique feature in the form of fully customisable mouse switches. There is a big focus on fine tuning with the OP1WE, allowing you to make this mouse your own. The customisable design also synergises extremely well with the fact that you can configure software elements, such as the polling rate, DPI, and key mapping. The OP1WE is a very strong option in today’s market, especially when you consider that there are effectively no other mice that allow you to physically change the switches used.

There’s a couple of small caveats worth noting. Namely the matte chassis, and the fact that the DPI button isn’t located on the top of the mouse. The chassis is a fingerprint magnet, resulting in sweat marks and greasiness over prolonged usage. The DPI button is also located on the underside of the mouse, making it awkward to change on the fly However, I would still wholeheartedly recommend picking up the OP1WE, as it offers you plenty of customisation options, an an extremely lightweight and comfortable design that is ideal for competitive gaming.


✅ Customisable switches

✅ 2.4GHz wireless

✅ Smooth and lightweight


❌ Lacklustre aesthetics

❌ DPI switch location

❌ Fingerprint magnet

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