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Boulies Ninja Pro Gaming Chair Review

FI_Boulies Ninja Pro

The Boulies Ninja Pro is an affordable pleather gaming chair that provides a comfortable experience and plenty of ergonomic features that can be adapted to fit your preferences. With sturdy aluminium alloy 4D armrests, tilt and lift controls, and cushioned PU leather upholstery, the Ninja Pro is built for comfort. We’ve rigorously tested the Boulies Ninja Pro gaming chair to analyse its ergonomics and performance, assessing the build quality and sitting experience over a prolonged period.

Gaming chairs have generally been revered as luxury items, with the vast majority of chairs from well-known brands and manufacturers costing well over $500. While this might not be the most ridiculous amount to spend on certain PC components, especially for those building a high-end PC, this isn’t the kind of money your average gamer has lying around to spend on a nice chair.

This is where Boulies stands out compared to other gaming chair brands like SecretLab, noblechairs and Razer, by providing a series of chairs that offer luxurious seating but at a much more affordable price. We’ll be specifically looking at the Boulies Ninja Pro in this review to see how it compares against other budget gaming chairs on the market.

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Using the Boulies Master Max 2024 as a point of comparison, the Ninja Pro and Master Max are relatively similar chairs in specs, but there are some standout differences between the two. The first is the upholstery material. The Ninja Pro comes clad in PU leather, a form of faux leather that has a similar feel to regular leather but is synthetic instead of using real animal skin. The type of upholstery is more restrictive when compared to the Master Max, but this is likely to make the Ninja Pro a more price-conscious option.

This also means that the Ninja Pro has fewer overall colour options, but the selection is decent enough that you’re not stuck with a plain black chair. The Ninja Pro is slightly bigger than the Master Max, with a larger seat depth, backrest height and width. This accommodates a range of prospective buyers as the Ninja Pro doesn’t offer a more sizeable variant for those with larger frames.

SpecificationBoulies Master Max 2024Boulies Ninja Pro
Upholstery MaterialUltraflex PU (PU Leather)
Water Repellent Fabric 2.0
Nappa Leather
Ultraflex PU (PU Leather)
ColoursUltraflex PU: Black, Blue, Brown
Water Repellent Fabric 2.0: Charcoal Grey, Ash Grey, Slate Blue, Como Green
Nappa Leather: Black
Black, Red, Teal, White
Recommended Height180 – 200cm170 – 200cm
Recommended WeightLess than 135KGLess than 135KG
Seat Height48 – 56cm47 – 55cm
Seat Depth50cm51cm
Backrest Height82.5cm89cm
Backrest Width59cm61cm
Tilt15 degrees15 degrees
Wheels5 x PU Casters5 x PU Casters
Warranty2 years2 years

The rest of the specs are similar to those of the Boulies Master Max. The Ninja Pro offers five PU caster wheels and a two-year warranty, which can be extended to three years at purchase. The recommended height is also similar, but the Ninja Pro can accommodate users standing at 170cm tall instead of the more restricted 180cm allowance on the Master Max.

From a glance at the specs, the Ninja Pro and Master Max chairs are more or less the same. However, this demonstrates that Boulies is utilising the same, if not similar, materials for their cheaper chairs, making the Ninja Pro a compelling option at £259.99. While it may be worth considering picking up the Master Max for the different upholstery options, the Ninja Pro looks to be a solid choice for those on a tighter budget.

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Boulies Ninja Pro Design

The Boulies Ninja Pro chair embraces the gamer aesthetic by providing a racing-style design. We picked out the white variant from the Boulies website, which offers a slightly brighter theme for those with lighter setups.

This char has a black strip down the centre of the backrest and a black outline that follows the curves and contours around the edge of the chair. I like the contrast between the colours, but I would have preferred the entire chair to be white, as I feel it would better match a white-themed PC build and setup.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Angled

The seat and backrest are curved and contoured, providing better comfort for different body shapes. The Ninja Pro features curved edges across the chassis, minimising sharp corners and edges.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Rear

While the seat width of the Ninja Pro is very accommodating, I feel the depth of this chair is somewhat unnecessary. As we’ll touch on later, the extended cushioning at the front of the chair makes sitting on this chair a bit awkward without the backrest, which is further compounded if you’re a shorter person.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Seat

Two 4D armrests are located on the sides of the seat, providing eight different levels of adjustability. The metal frame of the armrests is made of an aluminium alloy, ensuring solid durability and rigidity. The arm pads utilise soft rubber, offering cushioning for your forearms and elbows.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Armrest

The small lever on the right-hand side of the chair near the back of the seat controls the recline function. The reclining mechanism is step-less, which means the chair will smoothly recline and lock in place once the lever is released.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Recline Lever

The backrest can recline to around 165 degrees at the maximum, which is quite a harsh angle. However, the extra level of adjustability is an excellent value add for those looking to find the most comfortable seating position.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Reclined

In the box, you’ll find two pillows. The smaller of the two acts as a headrest, while the bigger pillow provides lumbar support. These pillows both come in black, contrasting to the white upholstery.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Headrest Pillow

The stand and base feel very robust and sturdy. With a five-star base and class-4 gas lift, it can support and lift a maximum weight of 135KG. Including a class-4 lift is particularly impressive, as this type of lift is one of the best-rated options for stability and safety.

Boulies Ninja Pro Assembly

This gaming chair arrives well packaged in a relatively compact box specifically arranged to maximise space and efficiency for all of the individual parts. All of the larger parts, such as the gas lift, five-star base, backrest and seat, have been wrapped in a small layer of protective packaging, while any smaller items have a couple of layers of bubble wrap to protect them from any damage.

The Boulies Ninja Pro is effectively split into six main parts: the seat, backrest, tilt adjuster/gas lift, base, and armrests. All of the additional smaller parts, such as the bolts, plastic vanity covers and side panels, and Allen keys, are also included in the box. It’s nice that Boulies has included all of the required tools in the box, and I feel that overall, there are not many parts here that would make the building process particularly confusing.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Tilt Adjuster

Using the Master Max as a point of comparison, these chairs are practically the same in the assembly process. The main portion of the bolts and screws are already installed in the chair and need to be removed and then reinstalled to secure the tilt adjuster and armrests. All of the bolts are screwed in with a hex Allen key (the larger of the two), which saves you from having to provide your own tools.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Armrest Secured

Once the tilt adjuster and armrests have been installed, the backrest must be secured to the seat. I found this step of the build quite awkward to do without an additional person because I was constantly having to balance the backrest while applying enough pressure to the metal plates on the side of the seat so that the back could be screwed in. While the instructions specify this is one of the last steps, it may be worth attaching the backrest earlier, as it will be much easier on a flat surface without the tilt adjuster.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Base

Overall, the assembly process was straightforward, and the Ninja Pro was entirely built in about an hour. After building the Master Max 2024, I didn’t need the instructions, but after glancing at them, I saw that they were the same as those that come with the Master Max chair. For a first-time builder, I don’t think the Ninja Pro would be much of a challenge, but adding more concise and clear instructions or a video would make building this chair much more straightforward.

I like that most of the bolts are in the chair. This means I could place all the bolts where I removed them when installing the tilt adjuster and other parts. Getting the backrest secured was the most challenging part of this chair build, but the rest of the assembly process is pretty simple once you’ve done this.

Boulies Ninja Pro Comfort

I have to admit, leather chairs are not my favourite. While I understand the appeal, I prefer fabric chairs because they are more breathable and don’t get sticky during the summer. But despite my disposition towards leather chairs, I found the Ninja Pro very comfortable.

The main thing that impressed me about the Ninja Pro is its extensive cushioning. There are no hard bumps or rough surfaces; the entire chair is covered in some form of cushioning, which makes it very pleasant to use over long periods.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Logo

The contoured and curved edges make the Ninja Pro feel comfortable when sitting at various angles, even if you’re pushing up against the side of the backrest. And although there’s no integrated lumbar support, the back of the chair didn’t feel rough or harsh to sit against.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Dan Sitting

The wide design accommodates those with larger frames and doesn’t feel restrictive regarding the shape or size. Seat width is a relatively common sacrifice manufacturers will make with cheaper chairs, so it’s nice to see that the Ninja Pro caters to a wide range of body shapes.

My only qualm about this chair’s comfort level is the seat’s depth without the lumbar pillow. Because the edge of the seat extends out quite far, removing the lumbar pillow meant that I couldn’t place my feet on the floor without moving forward, which didn’t feel comfortable. I understand that Boulies have made the seat quite deep to accommodate many body types. If you’re on the shorter side, you’ll have to be content that you likely won’t be able to place your feet on the ground easily, which wasn’t the most comfortable sitting experience.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Pillows

Much like on the Master Max chair, the height control lever is quite stiff and requires a fair amount of force to move, which raises or lowers the chair. This is a purposeful design characteristic to avoid an accidental press of the lever, but I’m not a fan of the force required to activate the lever.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Tilt Adjuster Lever

Features We Like

Cushioned Leather Upholstery

I was initially concerned that the Ninja Pro would be uncomfortable because leather can often be quite sticky, creaky, and not cushioned very well. However, the Ninja Pro is extremely comfortable and offers a profound amount of cushioning across the entire chair. There are no hard spots on this chair, and the seat feels very soft compared to other chairs that we’ve looked at.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Dan Thumbs Up

Plenty of Adjustability

The Ninja Pro gaming chair offers tremendous adjustability right out of the box. This includes a multi-tilt mechanism, height adjustment, full-length recline, and 4D armrests. These mechanisms can be customised and configured, allowing you to find the perfect sitting angle to suit your preferences.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Armrest Forward

The armrests were particularly impressive as they offered many adjustment options without much effort. Slipping the arms back and forth is particularly useful when switching from gaming to working, as my arms were in different positions in both situations.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Armrest Backward

Features We Don’t Like

Lack of Lumbar Support

The only major caveat to picking up this chair is the amount of lumbar support. While the included pillow is appreciated, it isn’t the most comfortable way to enhance back support, and I felt the Ninja Pro was better off without it. However, this means the chair lacks any additional back support beyond the cushioning without this pillow. Those needing extra back support should look at other chairs that offer stronger ergonomics, such as the Boulies Master series.

MPI_Boulies Ninja Pro Reclined Angled


Boulies Ninja Pro Gaming Chair
Value Green JPG 200px

Product Name: Ninja Pro Gaming Chair

Brand: Boulies

  • Features
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Value For Money


The Boulies Ninja Pro is a highly ergonomic, comfortable, and affordable gaming chair. At £259.99, it is one of the best-priced gaming chairs we’ve ever reviewed and, subsequently, one of the best-value options. The Ninja Pro is versatile, offering a comfortable PU leather chassis that accommodates many buyers with different body shapes and sizes. This chair offers a range of adjustability options, and the PU leather upholstery is very well-cushioned, resulting in a luxurious and comfortable sitting experience.

My only concern about this chair compared to other options on the market is the lack of lumbar support. Investing in a gaming chair is a big commitment, as it’s a product you will use regularly over extended periods of time. For this reason, it is pivotal that your back is well-supported when you’re getting those Victory Royales in Fortnite. The Ninja Pro has no integrated lumbar support configuration, which will be a point of contention for those needing extra cushioning around the lower or mid-back region. However, at £259.99, this seems like a relatively small price to pay considering how comfortable the Ninja Pro chair is. However, if you’re a gamer on a budget and need a solid and reliable gaming chair, the Ninja Pro is worth looking at.


✅ Highly affordable 

✅ Cushioned comfortable design

✅ Adjustability features


❌ No lumbar support

❌ Seat is quite deep

❌ Stiff height adjust lever

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