Intel’s Core i7-13700K Down To $345 from $449.99 MSRP in Newegg Black Friday Deal

FI_Intel 13700K Deal Black Friday

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Newegg’s massive range of Black Friday deals are offering a plethora of price drops and discounts on PC components and peripherals throughout the week, leading up to the 24th of November. But prior to the big day, we’ve been keeping an eye out for some killer deals so you can secure some new parts for a PC build or upgrade. In today’s set of deals, one in particular stood out to us, and this is Intel’s Core i7-13700K which is nearly $100 down from the original MSRP price point.

While there are a number of different CPUs on offer right now, including the almighty 7800X3D, which we’ve covered in a previous deal. The 13700K doesn’t often see big price drops, this might be down to popularity at its MSRP price point, or this could be due to the launch of the 14700K in October of 2023. Regardless, the price drop of this Core i7 CPU is quite significant, versus the competitor options on the market.

The 13700K is a staple of high-end builds due to its strong core and thread count, which combines extremely well with the blazing-fast clock speed of 5.4GHz.

Key Specs

The core specs of the 13700K make it an excellent option for top-end gaming, especially when you’re maxing out all of your settings at 4K with all of the bells and whistles. But the area where the 13700K stands out particularly well, is within productivity and workstation applications.

A large number of cores and threads aren’t required for gaming, because most modern triple A titles won’t use more than two or three cores at a time. But these cores are used within complex multi-threaded applications, that have more instructions and processes that need to run on separate cores. This includes video editing, 3D rendering, encoding videos, Photoshop, and more. Needless to say, if you’re the kind of consumer that needs a powerful build to handle the demand of productivity applications, the Core i7-13700K is a worthwhile consideration, especially at a price point of $345.

MPI_Intel Core i7-13700K

It is worth noting that the 7800X3D is only around $25 more in Newegg’s Black Friday deals, but we wouldn’t recommend picking up this CPU for productivity. While we do commend AMD for their 3D V-Cache technology, this is only applicable within games. Which means the Core i7-13700K will be a better resource for those that are prioritising workstation capability, over gaming.

You can find this deal on the Intel Core i7-13700K below, along with pricing from a range of other retailers.

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