September 25, 2023
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Xbox Opens Design Lab For Elite Series 2 Controllers

Elite Design Lab Forza Feature


After announcing the plans last month, Xbox have released the Xbox Design Lab for Elite Series 2 controllers. This announcement follows the release of the budget Elite Series 2 Core controller just a few weeks ago.

The Design Lab for Elite Series is now available in most countries, alongside the option to customise the standard Xbox controllers.

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Custom Elite Series 2 Controller

Since Xbox Design Lab was first released in 2016, the simple concept has been a rather successful venture. Customers and spectators have praised Xbox for giving their fans the ability to create a unique controller at no extra cost.

For years, the online store has allowed customers to design their own controller by selecting from a range of colour combinations. However, this has only been available for the standard Xbox controllers, with no options available for the Elite Series.

Because of this, Xbox fans were hoping to eventually see the Elite Series get a Design Lab of its own. Now, that wish has finally been granted, as the Xbox Elite Series 2 has been added to the service.

With a range of customisation options available, customers can mix and match components to create a personalised version of Xbox’s premium controller. This includes changing the colours of each part of the controller in a similar fashion to what’s available in the standard Design Lab.

But the added twist here is that the additional features on the Elite Series 2 can be customised as well. Not only can you alter the colours of these add-ons , you can pick which parts you want included with your custom controller.

This means that anyone wanting a custom version of the recently announced Elite Series 2 Core can keep it simple for a cheaper price, but those wanting all the bells and whistles can pick up custom versions of each part as well.

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