November 26, 2022
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PlayStation Announce Premium DualSense Edge Controller Is Releasing In January

DualSense Edge Feature


PlayStation have released more details on their upcoming premium controller for the PS5. The DualSense Edge is an ultra-customisable wireless controller which is designed to improve performance and comfort.

Pre-orders for the DualSense Edge will be available from 25th October, and will launch globally on 26th January.

Giving The DualSense An Edge

After being first announced in August as part of Gamescom, PlayStation have disclosed more information about the DualSense Edge, including a price and release date. Acting as PlayStation’s answer to the Elite Series controller, this controller is an enhanced version of the standard DualSense.

It may surprise you, but one of the biggest bits of praise the PS5 has received since launch has been for the DualSense controller. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers embedded into the controller’s design offers enhanced immersion, and the bulkier frame makes for a more comfortable fit. However, the performance features on the standard DualSense are a bit lacklustre, which caused competitive gamers to look at third-party options.

PlayStation have acknowledged this demand for a premium controller from their players by creating the DualSense Edge. This ultra-customisable controller has all the design aspects of the DualSense, but also adds a number of enhancements to the original.

The DualSense Edge adds function buttons to let gamers easily switch between custom game profiles and alter audio settings on the fly. Multiple profiles can be saved at once directly onto the controller, without the need for an external tool.

On the back of the controller, there are two changeable back buttons which can be remapped to any available input, as well as triggers with 3 levels of adjust-ability. The thumbsticks on the DualSense Edge are also interchangeable, meaning that drift issues can be solved without having to replace the entire controller.

Some other cool features include a charging cable that can be locked into place, three sets of swappable thumbsticks, and a carrying case to keep it all in one place.

Pricing & Release Details

The DualSense Edge is set to release globally on 26th January 2023 exclusively on the PlayStation Direct store for £209.99 RRP. Replaceable stick modules will release alongside the controller for £19.99 RRP.

After the initial launch, the DualSense Edge will be available at other participating retailers from 23rd February 2023.

If you are already decided on the DualSense Edge, pre-orders will be available from 25th October at select retailers.

DualSense Edge Controller with Accessories
The DualSense Edge will come packaged with a number of accessories, including a carrying case. Credit : PlayStation.

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