CPU: Intel Core i9 9900K

The most powerful consumer gaming and productivity CPU? Check! This new chip from Intel boasts 8 cores and 12 threads with an outstanding boost clock speed of up to 5GHz! With a 95W TDP it isn’t too power hungry, and comes in a very nice box!

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CPU Cooler: Cooler Master ML360R

Cooler Master’s latest 360mm cooler does a superb job of keeping the temperatures on the i9 chip nice and low, while providing an abundance of overclocking headroom. 360mm radiators were on the rise in 2018, and rightly so as they enable greater cooling performance and quieter operation with low fan RPMs keeping noise down! I also picked up another 3 120mm Cooler Master RGB fans, to enable push pull operation here, furthering cooling performance!

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Motherboard: MSI Z390 Godlike

MSI’s top end Z390 may be the most insane board I’ve ever tested, with huge amounts of expandability, an 18-phase power delivery design, dual USB 3.1 Gen 2 front panel headers and a superb integrated audio design. The board also features a customisable OLED screen, allowing you to truly make your board your own!

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RAM: ADATA Spectrix D41 32GB 

The ADATA Spectrix line of memory provides a vast number of options when it comes to RGB DDR4. The D40 & D41 the most cost effective and varying in capacities from 16 to 64GB! While 16GB will often be sufficient for gaming, more is preferred for intense 4K video editing.

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SSD:  Intel Optane 900p 480GB PCI-E

 When it comes to storage, preferences will vary on an individual basis, but for me speed was key. The new Intel 900p uses the fast Optane memory tech on a much larger scale, to provide insanely quick, low response time storage. This is particularly beneficial in a video editing environment, whereby storage is accessed in sporadic bursts with large packets of data to store/retrieve.

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SSD:  Samsung 970 EVO 1TB

While Intel’s Optane PCI-E drive is quick, very quick, it isn’t huge in it’s capacity, nor proven in reliability. I’ve been using Samsung’s X60/X70 series of M.2 and SATA SSD drives for some time, and never encountered any issues. Slotting easily into the M.2 slot on this board it provides me with fast storage in which I can edit from!

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For the GPU there was only one option, one RTX-based, top end, 11GB option! The MSI DUKE RTX 2080Ti boasts 11GB of the latest GDDR6 video memory, alongside support for the latest ray tracing tech!

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Case: Cooler Master MB530P

 When it comes to RGB PC cases for $100, it really doesn’t get much better! The Cooler Master MB530P is a killer chassis boasting 3 addressable RGB fans, 3 tempered glass panels a sleek design!

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PSU:  Cooler Master V850

Admittedly power supplies aren’t the most exciting of all PC components, but they are mightily important! Cooler Master’s V850 is priced nicely, efficient with an 80+ Gold certification and fully modular, meaning you only plug in the cables you need!

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RGB Strip:  Bitfenix Addressable RGB Strip

As if there wasn’t enough RGB already I thought adding in one of Bitfenix’s fully-addressable RGB strips in would be a nice edition


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