CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600

For the CPU in this build AMD’s Ryzen 2600 was an ideal choice! With 6 cores and 12 threads it satisfies the multi threaded demands of modern AAA titles, while boasting a boost clock speed of upto 3.9Ghz and supporting overclocking to cover the single threaded performance in equal measure!

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CPU Cooler: Deepcool GAMMAXX GT

Keeping the CPU cool, and looking epic while doing so, is Deepcool’s GAMMAX GT, a tower style cooler with super quiet 120mm RGB fan it allows for plenty of overclocking headroom, and prevents any CPU thermal throttling.

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Motherboard: MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC

Overclocking support? 4 RAM dimm slots? Built in Wi-Fi? Solid IO? Check to all of the above! This well rounded motherboard comes with a packed feature set while also striking a good balance between price and performance.

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RAM: ADATA Spectrix D41 16GB 

For the memory in this build the new ADATA Spectrix D41 RGB memory comes with a new, much more colour neutral grey heatspreader. This 2 dimm kit keeps upgrade paths open and looks insane in the process!

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HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM

For the bulk of the storage in this build I selected a 2000GB Seagate Barracuda. This hard drive boasts speeds of 7200RPM and sits in the standard 3.5” form factor. It’s cheap, cheerful and does the job nicely!

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Storage Add-On: Intel Optane 32GB

The problem with SSDs in more budget oriented builds is that they’re just so expensive, and leave you with a dilemma, cut back the graphics card, or cope with slow hard drive speeds. That should be a problem no more with the Intel Optane stick, accelerating the speed of your hard drive, caching your most frequently used files in fast, flash storage it speeds the system up without breaking the bank! For my full article on Intel Optane click here

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The go-to graphics card for 1080p @ Ultra & 1440p gaming, the GTX 1060 from Nvidia is a solid GPU! This ASUS STRIX cooler adds the ‘icing on the cake’, with 3 fans, a quiet design, factory overclocked speeds and a nice helping of RGB!

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Case: Sharkoon Nightshark   

Sharkoon is brand that we haven’t heard from in a little while, but no more! Their latest Nightshark chassis boasts an impressive feature set at an impressive price point, with a GPU support bracket, rear ventilation, a tempered glass side panel, addressable RGB and a PSU shield what more could you ask for?!

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PSU:  Cooler Master Masterwatt 650

Keep it simple and safe is the go to motto for power supplies, ensure you pick up a reliable unit that is efficient and boasts enough headrooom for future upgrades. The Cooler Master MasterWatt 650 does just that at an admirable price point!

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