September 25, 2023
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EA’s New Iron Man Game Needs To Reinvent Iconic Marvel Character

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EA and Marvel have recently announced they will be working together to create a new game starring Iron Man. The project is still in the early stages of development, with the Montreal-based EA Motive Studio taking up the gauntlet.

Little has been said about the game so far, but the developers have stated their intent to offer a fresh experience that includes a original narrative.

Tony Stark has appeared in games previously, such as Marvel’s Avengers and movie tie-ins, but this will be the first blockbuster game that provides a unique narrative for the popular hero.

What We Know So Far?

Due to the game still being in pre-production, EA and Marvel have shared only a few brief details on the upcoming project. This is probably to ensure that the project is not oversold to fans before the foundations are set in stone. However, the reveal has hinted at a few things we can expect to see.

EA Motive, the studio behind the upcoming Dead Space remake, are taking on the project. The leader of the project is Olivier Prolux, who has worked on previous Marvel games such as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Iron Man Avengers Game
Iron Man has made appearances in games such as Marvel8217s Avengers but is yet to have a unique solo experience Credit Square Enix Marvel

Perhaps the most intriguing promise made during the announcement was the inclusion of an original narrative. Whilst the films have covered a lot of the character’s history and comic book story lines, there are plenty of stories in the archive that can be used as inspiration for the new game. With the Robert Downey Jr era seemingly at an end, this game provides a chance to show off another side to the character’s iconic personality.

EA Motive also mentioned they want players to channel their inner Tony Stark whilst playing and feel what it’s truly like to be Iron Man. This suggests that great thought will be put into how the mechanics of the game can best reflect the Iron Man experience, both in and out of the suit. Previous games featuring the tech genius have failed to capture the essence of the character. Whilst it is no easy task, having an authentic Iron Man experience would be a blast!

Creating The Perfect Iron Man Game

The points stated in the announcement from EA and Marvel are sure to have touched the hearts – electronic or otherwise – of many Iron Man fans. For years, there has been a cry for more blockbuster titles based on beloved comic book characters like Tony Stark ever since Marvel’s Spider-Man set the standard for modern superhero games.

Those expectations are rather high, but by no means are they out of reach. The follow up to the web-slinging adventure, Spider-Man Miles Morales, showed that the 2018 was not a one-off, and that superhero games can compete with the Hollywood blockbusters when treated with care.

Iron Man MCU
Robert Downey Jr has boosted the popularity of Iron Man with his MCU adaption of the tech billionaire. Credit: Marvel.

So what does the new Iron Man game need to succeed? Whilst we don’t have all the answers, there are a few suggestions that are likely to increase the chances of success.

First of all, the game needs to reinvent Tony Stark for modern audiences. Robert Downey Jr’s witty and confident portrayal used in the films is adored by many, which makes any attempt to replicate it a difficult task. Because of this, the game’s Tony Stark is probably better offering up a different version of the billionaire, perhaps with a more no-nonsense mindset.

Another key element for the upcoming title to nail is the mechanics. Iron Man’s skill set is rather complex, with plenty of weapons and abilities in his arsenal such as flying, hacking, blasters, and more. As you may expect, putting all of these elements together is a very challenging task. Previous games that feature Iron Man often fail to replicate the complexity of the Iron Man suit, but a title dedicated to the hero should be able to provide the attention needed to master the mechanics.

Finally, the setting should be designed to roam around, rewarding exploration and skill mastery. Just like how Spider-Man’s New York lets you swing from A to B in style, the area used in the Iron Man game should let you fly under, over, and around plenty of buildings and landscapes. Also, the setting needs to compliment the story in a way that encourages players to explore every corner of the map and test their traversal skills.

Only time – and future reveals – will tell us what to expect from the highly anticipated project, but news of a dedicated Iron Man game finally being in the works has led to lots of excitement within the superhero gaming community.

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