Creative’s original ROAR Speaker was renowned for its design, features and sound quality. Inevitably the expectations for many going into this review will be high, and thankfully the guys at Creative have not let us down.

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Aesthetically this speaker is gorgeous, normally when a website describes the look of their product as ‘sexy’ I want to vomit in my mouth, but this time I have to agree, it actually is. The use of plastic keeps the unit light and pretty durable, with curved buttons on the main controls and flatter, smaller buttons on the less used ones, such as those for the in built mp3 player. Creative’s use of an mp3 player here makes sense, even if a little strange, allowing for a Micro SD card, or USB flash drive filled with songs, great for a party or even for some ambient background music. NFC is another thankful addition, allowing for fast pairing over Bluetooth.

The large speaker grill hides 3 drivers, with dual bass ports, one on each side. It also hides Creative’s bi-amplifier system, one for the Bass and one for the Mids and Tremble – the idea being that low end doesn’t distort the mids and treble. And whilst it does somewhat feel like a ‘marketing fad’  it works, the sound quality is nice, and the tremble is surprisingly clean. The maximum volume is also pretty incredible given its size, great for a house party. The dual orientation is also a brilliant idea, with the option of it standing upright or laying flat, with the speaker point up (great for filling a large room!).

Overall the speaker sounds great, with it’s great aesthetic matching the premium price tag. It is definitely a worthy upgrade over its predecessor, and once again Creative haven’t failed to improve on an already great product.