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Cooler Master Seidon V3 120 Plus AIO Review

Affordable water-cooling, or a half baked product?

To put the words ‘budget’ and ‘water-cooling’ in the same sentence seems wrong – but that is what has been done here. It isn’t the fist time Cooler Master have taken a more budget, affordable approach to water cooling – this iteration being their 3rd of the Seidon Cooler line. In terms of design it’s nice – small, compact, a tad tacky, but nice. The water block is surprisingly low profile, especially compared to their Master Liquid Pro (which I reviewed here). The tubing is thin, very thin, great for smaller cases, but it will restrict water flow. The FEP tubing is carried over from countless Cooler Mater’s AIO’s which is nice to see – it’s flexible, strong and pretty efficient. The radiator is quite thin, but once the push-pull fans are added the radiator area certainly thickens up. Talking of the fans, there are 2 included, the blades are rather large and red in colour – matching the red LED on the water block. The fans also contain RED LEDs, which light up nicely through typical ventilation on cases. The fans aren’t the quietest in the world, but they certainly aren’t bad considering the price of the unit.
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But what about cooling? Here’s where the decisions get really hard. Budget water cooling tends to cost as much as high end air cooling. On my 6800K this beats out push-pull air coolers from Noctua, but in more recent tests on an FX8350 chip it falls short – presumably because the 8350 is a much hotter running chip than my 6 core 6800K, with the water cooler able to push the minimum temperature of the 6800K further down – but taking more time to dissipate large amounts of heat generated by the 8350. So this, or a higher end air cooler? This may look a bit too ‘gamer-y’ and ‘plastic-y’ for some – but if you have a red theme going on and/or you are building in a smaller case such as the Elite 130 (which I reviewed here) then this is probably the best option for you. If high end is more you thing and/or your case supports 240mm radiators you should probably look elsewhere to a high end air cooler, or an AIO with a 240mm radiator for improved cooling.


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