February 4, 2023
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CD Projekt Red Unveil Future Plans for The Witcher & Cyberpunk 2077

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Earlier this week, CD Projekt Red released information on their future plans for various projects, including new games for both The Witcher and Cyberpunk. On top of this, the Poland-based developers have revealed plans for a new IP, as well as a new studio to increase their workforce.

Here at Geekawhat, we’ve put all of these announcements in one place to give you a full breakdown of what to expect from CD Projekt Red in the future.

Cyberpunk Orion

On its release, Cyberpunk 2077 was a game filled with issues and was slowly becoming a nightmare for CD Projekt Red. After years of hype, the game failed to deliver on lots of promises made in the promotional material, resulting in a wave of backlash and anger. At this time, it was almost impossible to see the game recovering from the awful release, and the aftermath appeared to put the whole studio in jeopardy.

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 struggled to impress at launch, but recent months have been more positive. Credit : CD Projekt Red.

However, recent updates to Cyberpunk 2077 has seen a resurgence in the game’s player base. Frequent patches have included essential fixes, along with additional content. Also, the release of the Netflix series, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, has spiked interest in the franchise, resulting in huge benefits for CD Projekt Red’s latest game.

After steadying the ship – or flying car – CD Projekt Red have announced that they have begun working on a sequel for the Cyberpunk franchise. Currently under the code name of Orion, the game will continue the journey into the dark cybernetic universe. The project seems to be in the very early stages of development, which is why almost nothing else has been announced at this time.

Future Witcher Projects

Whilst Cyberpunk has proven to be a rocky experience so far, CD Projekt Red’s Witcher franchise has continued to head in the right direction. Based on the series of books written by fellow countryman Andrzej Sapkowski, the trilogy of games are responsible for putting the Polish company on the map.

Whilst recent years have been quiet on the gaming front, The Witcher franchise has continued to grow in popularity. Another gaming franchise to benefit from the release of a Netflix series set in the same universe, fans of the show have made their way to the games to experience more of Geralt’s adventures.

The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt received lots of praise on release and won multiple game of the year awards in 2015. Credit : CD Projekt Red.

The announcement of new Witcher titles will come as no surprise to those familiar with the fantasy world. CD Projekt Red have previously announced a fourth installment that would introduce a new saga, which was inevitable given the success of both The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the Netflix show. However, details on additional games have been reserved, until now.

In their recent presentation, a total of three separate projects were announced, including confirmation on the new AAA trilogy and next-gen upgrade for The Witcher 3. President and Joint CEO of CD Projekt Red, Adam Kicinski, also stated that two of the projects were already in pre-production.

The first project announced was code named Sirius. This game is being created in collaboration with affiliate studio The Molasses Flood. Sirius will attempt to introduce the world of the Witcher to a wider audience. Looking at the previous work of The Molasses Flood, this title is likely to be a survival game.

Next up was Polaris, the previously announced project which starts a new saga that will follow a similar format to the original trilogy. During the strategy update, Kicinski confirmed the new story will be a trilogy of games that offer open world experiences of The Continent. Further details revealed that all these games are set to release within 6 years of each other, which sounds like a promise.

Finally, CD Projekt Red revealed project Canis Majoris for their first franchise. This project is yet another new title that will be produced by an external studio. Whilst this may seem strange, the external project is reportedly being led by developers that have worked on previous games in the franchise.

New Franchise & Multiplayer

The most surprising announcement during CD Projekt Red’s latest strategy update presentation was the information on a new franchise, currently under the name Hadar. So far, there has been almost nothing revealed about the new IP, but there are plans for at least a game based on the new idea.

In order to accompany the new franchise, CD Projekt Red are opening up a new studio in Boston. Along with the studio based in Vancouver, the new expansion will form CD Projekt Red North America, a division that will focus on the development of project Orion. Having a separate division will be the catalyst for CD Projekt Red’s parallel AAA gaming development strategy.

The Witcher 3 Geralt
Fans will be happy to hear that future titles will be receiving multiplayer modes and features. Credit : CD Projekt Red.

As part of this strategy, the company have stated their intent to create more multiplayer content and expand into other forms of media. Whilst expansions into the likes of TV and Film is an interesting approach, the inclusion of multiplayer is the big news for gamers.

Cyberpunk 2077 was meant to be the first CD Projekt Red game to receive a multiplayer mode. However, this has been shelved due to the problems with the game’s initial launch. Whether this feature will be added to Cyberpunk 2077 is still up in the air, but the next installments for both The Witcher and Cyberpunk are planned to include multiplayer.


With the latest announcements, there are plenty of games from CD Projekt Red to get excited about. However, it is important to remain cautious about the projects revealed in the latest strategy update.

Most of the reveals are in the early stages of development, meaning they are susceptible to changes and even cancellations. And though CD Projekt Red remain ambitious about releasing these games within a specific time frame, game development is complicated.

We really want to see new titles for both The Witcher and Cyberpunk, but we would rather wait an extra year or two for a complete game than experience another release like Cyberpunk 2077.

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