ASUS ROG STRIX Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Is this ASUS headset the best gaming headset or does the 2.4GHz wireless interface introduce too much latency?


The ASUS ROG STRIX Wireless Gaming Headset is a visually attractive, 7.1 surround-sound gaming headset which utilises 2.4GHz wireless capabilities and huge 60mm drivers – on paper fantastic, but does it stack up. And the simple answer is yes, yes it does.

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Before I delve into the positives, there are some negatives to be covered. The first being RGB, and the lack of it. For some RGB has taken over in a negative  way and looks cheap & tacky. For others it’s a necessary addition, and I can understand the frustration with a perfectly colour co ordinated setup and a killer headset that sticks out like a saw thumb. To some this seems like a ‘pathetic’ issue, but if it doesn’t bother you, it clearly isn’t a problem for you.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality these definitely perform, the 60mm drivers boast impressive bass performance and a full mid range. The treble could be a little crisper and cleaner in places and the bass is a tad overemphasised in certain areas, but in a gaming headset and that’s kind of to be expected, not to mention it can actually be tuned down in their included software suite.


The software is the next major selling point – it’s superb! With the ability to individually tune different frequencies, the option to emulate the sound signature of other ASUS products, the list goes on and on! From microphone voice clarity to a music and vocal mode, the features range from a little gimmicky to actually very useful.

Look and Feel

Aesthetically these are great, aside from aforementioned the lack of RGB. The owl eyes on the earcups (a staple of the STRIX branding) glow in the dark, using a phosphorescent paint, which absorbs light in the daytime and gives it back out, glowing in the darker hours. The stitching on the headband also looks really premium with soft, leather feel earcups. It’s this leather headband I love so much, as a pose to using notches this leather cover is on a thick piece of elastic which automatically adjusts to the exact size of your head – it’s brilliant! It makes this heavy pair of cans feel much lighter and is much less finicky than a notched system.


Overall this a really nice gaming headset, the mic adjusts brilliantly and the addition of a 2.4GHz wireless dongle is amazing, but something you should come to expect at this price point. The IO on the side of the earcup is thorough enough, with volume up and down, a power button and microphone mute button. The lack of RGB may be a problem for some and a blessing for others, but if that annoys you then sadly this just isn’t the headset for you.