Anker SoundCore Sport XL Review

Really a water and dust proof speaker with solid sound quality?


When Anker offered to send their newest addition to their speaker line up the first thing I did was check the Amazon product pages. The first thing that stood out to me was the images of the speaker withstanding drops, water and dust, boasting an impressive IP67 rating and naturally I was intrigued as to whether it could prove itself and hold up these impressive statements.

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The unit arrived and naturally I dropped it on tiles, halfway down the stairs (the full way seemed a tad adventurous, plus my mum would kill me if I damaged the paintwork!) and it withstood those tests. Next was the mandatory YouTuber shower, sink and bath test, and it held up once again. The problem with these is they’re manufactured, simulations of reality, like synthetic benchmarks on a gaming PC, yes it proves those ratings, but it isn’t the real world, it isn’t actually real life. A week later I hopped on a plane to Gran Canaria, off on a holiday and popped this in my bag. And then the tests began, from drops on rocks, paddles in salty sea water and cranking the volume up to full for hotel room listening the speaker withstood again and again, as did the sound quality. As I mentioned in my video review (above) the EQ on this speaker is incredible. The sound feels full, rich with thumpy, clear bass scaling with the volume and not like a teenage dubstep house party.

Song wise I put it through my usual Top 40 test, along with some Rock Ballads and my extensive EDM music collection. And time and time again it impressed, the treble was there, and plentiful at that without being sharp and painful to the ears.

But what’s the verdict, what’s my verdict. Astounded sums it up in one word and paired with an IP 67/68 phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or IPhone 7 this could be the perfect outdoor, pool party companion.